Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2023

Here's what's in store for you this month.

As we enter a new month, the slate is wiped clean and there are endless possibilities for growth. See what’s in store for your relationships, career, and emotions in the month ahead, here’s your November horoscope for 2023

Scorpio, Oct 24 – Nov 22

The sultry Sun, expressive Mercury and magnetic Mars all working the law of attraction in Scorpio have November drawing even more moth’s than usual to your seductive flame. However, impetuous Mercury and impulsive Mars riding tandem in your incisive sign suggest keeping in mind that using the sting could cause more fallout than you had bargained for. The annual Scorpio new moon on November 13 is this year’s peak date for the breakthrough you’ve been wanting, to put the past to rest and dive into your brand new birthday cycle.

Sagittarius, Nov 23 – Dec 21

Enjoy November’s colourful stories by all means, but don’t get sucked in by hype or groupthink. Look under the hood and dig for the deeper storyline. When Mercury zips mid-month into your inclusive sign it’s tempting to focus on fun and ignore warning signs, but rushing into things without due diligence could mean damage control when the celestial messenger retrogrades next month in peak pre-holiday season. Late November’s sun and Mars blazing into Sagittarius recommend having that air-clearing talk now, before the season of unreason sets in.

Capricorn, Dec 22 – Jan 20

Since June, your planet ruler Saturn has been in reassessment mode: A period of deep self-examination and change. Fun not so much, but growth and maturity plenty. Now, as Saturn moves forward in the first week of November, you’re ready more than ever to offer your service and gifts to the world in an exciting new way. (Pro tip: This is an auspicious time for addressing the subject of legacies.) This month’s dose of celestial energy in your zodiac zone of groups and contributing to the collective couldn’t arrive at a more opportune time.

Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 19

November offers excellent support for researching, editing and crafting behind the scenes: Being watchful, strategic and paying attention to subtle cues, which this month can speak volumes. When the new moon on November 13 shines on an area of life no longer workable in the way it has been, a make-or-break situation could provoke an unexpected relationship transition. Readjusting what you feel and believe about something, while confronting, is likely to be the key to moving whole-heartedly into late November’s promising horizons.

Pisces, Feb 20 – Mar 20

Neptune represents the cosmic ocean of creative imagination, while Saturn ushers this potential into tangible form. Both planets are presently transiting Pisces, bringing opportunities to activate that dream of starting an artistic project, opening your own business or going adventure travelling. So take some space, quieten your mind and ask what to do next. Have a notepad ready so you can write down any inspiring downloads or lightbulb insights. Feeling resistant? There’s no harm in at least being open to something that might be life-changing in the best possible way.

Aries, Mar 21 – Apr 21

Keep your antennae tuned for guidance from November’s deluge of serendipities, synchronicities and coincidences. Aries are one of the fastest signs in the zodiac to connect the dots, and this month’s planetary push-pull could see you accelerating and swerving in swift succession as Mars in super-intuitive mode has you recalibrating according to these directives from the universe. When the sun and Mars burst into entrepreneurial, free-ranging mode in the last week of November, expect a tonic blast of positive, can-do energy which is perfectly suited to the start of the silly season.

Taurus, Apr 22 – May 21

What can November’s energetic focus in your opposite sign on the astro-wheel teach you about subtlety, layers and nuance? That the universe is not logical, straightforward, sensible, cut and dried. And what do you have to offer? Your grounded practicality and inner calm to help others weather this month’s storms and alarms. Jupiter in your sign is as much about process as results, and with pleasure principle Venus in refined mode, this month’s interpersonal communications will respond to gentle encouragement and thoughtful gestures more readily than pressure.

Gemini, May 22 – Jun 22

Looks like your mentor planet Mercury might drop a few truth bombs during the first half of November. If exchanges get uncomfortably candid, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a well-timed joke or witty comeback (both Gemini super-skills), and the healing power of laughter. When the quicksilver messenger zips mid-month into its chattiest passage, exciting connections might sizzle then fizzle, but there’s still plenty of adventurous options to explore. If you’ve been waiting for news, the Gemini full moon on November 27 could bring an answer or clear signal.

Cancer, Jun 23 – Jul 23

Watch what you download or post on socials this month, and if you need to retreat to your personal safe space, do. Resourceful new moon on November 13 focuses on shared finances, passive income, property matters and investment opportunities, but scammers are ascendant and with pushy Mars involved, it is best to pause and investigate further if you’re feeling pressured. Most people can’t read your mind, so share those dreams and desires while the articulate full moon on November 27 is in the sign of kindred spirits – the response might surprise you.

Leo, Jul 24 – Aug 23

This month’s dramatics are less the Leo showbiz kind, more brewing and stewing, volatile and eruptive, making it important to keep your cool during the first week’s Mercury/Uranus clash. November’s subterranean and volcanic energies in a fixed sign like your own are known to intensify Leo’s stubborn side, so do your best to stay flexible rather than digging in your heels. When the last week of November widens into a more panoramic outlook, a change of scene or routine will work wonders in refreshing and renewing your majesty’s joie de vivre.

Virgo, Aug 24 – Sep 23

As the scouts of the zodiac, Virgos like to be prepared. And Venus in your savvy sign for the first week of November assists in getting an early head start on holiday planning, with everything ideally locked in before astral travel agent Mercury goes AWOL next month for the rest of 2023. Yes, November has undeniably itchy and scratchy aspects with Mars sparking drama divas and hissy fits, but ruffled feathers are likely to settle again from mid-month onwards when Mercury jets into sign of The Bigger Picture and blue sky dreaming.

Libra, Sep 24 – Oct 23

As the zodiac’s cardinal air sign, Librans like to keep communications light so ideas can take flight. But the astral energies this month are intense, and not so interested in small talk or chitchat. Which makes your challenge in November to gracefully navigate human behaviour in all its divine and disappointing, delicious and unsavoury array. You’ll have the best assistance possible from Venus in her favourite homestay – your stylish, artistic sign – where she’s at her frisky, flirty best and currently suggesting a pre-festive season update for your wardrobe

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