Your weekly horoscope for November 13-19, 2023

Here's what's in store for your zodiac sign this week.

Communicator Mercury in its chattiest mode while the energetic sun and Mars remain reserved in the sign of closed lips suggests editing before you utter this week. Be selective with what you share, because oops! Who wants to accidentally spill the beans. Here’s your weekly horoscope November 13-19, 2023.

Scorpio, Oct 24 – Nov 22

This week’s annual Scorpio new moon on November 13 is the year’s peak date for that great breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, to finally put the past to rest and dive into your brand new birthday cycle. To begin a fresh chapter of growth opportunities and exciting initiatives. 

Sagittarius, Nov 23 – Dec 21

Sagittarians like to live out loud, but be wary of putting anyone else’s business on loudspeaker this week. Your usual speeds are fast and faster, but odds are neither will get you where you want to go this week, so gear down. And resist public venting, because allegiances can shift quickly.

Capricorn, Dec 22 – Jan 20

With this week’s strongly placed Mars, be kind to yourself and others. Don’t overwork. Protect your calm centre. Maintain an expansive viewpoint. If Venus invites you to reset your agreement field, expect to be navigating some push-back from your partner, family or work team on the way there.

Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 19

When new moon on November 13 shines its penetrating light on an area of your life no longer workable in the way it has been, a make-or-break situation could provoke an unexpected relationship transition which will clarify your direction into late November’s promising horizons. 

Pisces, Feb 20 – Mar 20

Sober Saturn in your sign issues a trigger warning to select your company carefully this week, and avoid engaging in gossip or hearsay. This tricky cycle requires speaking your truth diplomatically and being extra gentle with yourself as you move through its confronting challenges and inviting possibilities.

Aries, Mar 21 – Apr 21

This week could reveal something you didn’t see coming: a hidden agenda or lack of transparency which, while disconcerting, needn’t necessarily mean all bets are off. What it highlights is the necessity of getting on the same page with others about any long-range plans you’re jointly involved with.

Taurus, Apr 22 – May 21

A completely different approach could actually make a breakthrough this week, so instead of digging in your heels, do the opposite. Drop conceptual restraints and habitual responses. Innovate.  Try easing prickly interactions with a genuine compliment, and you’re likely to find a little validation goes a long way.  

Gemini, May 22 – Jun 22

With quicksilver messenger Mercury zipped into its chattiest passage (your sign), exciting connections can sizzle then fizzle, but there’s still plenty of adventurous options to explore. Just be aware that while you’re in full-on communication mode, others might not be. Respect confidential info and material. 

Cancer, Jun 23 – Jul 23

The resourceful and determined new moon on November 13 focusses its lucid beams on shared finances, passive income, property matters and investment opportunities.  But remember that most people can’t read your mind.  Try sharing those dreams and desires, and the response this week might surprise you.  

Leo, Jul 24 – Aug 23

You want things done your way, and as power plays shift and shuffle this week, minor differences of opinion could escalate into epic standoffs. But do you really want to be the oh-so-stubborn one unwilling to budge? Let others star in Clash Of Control Freaks while you play creative negotiator.

Virgo, Aug 24 – Sep 23

If someone’s ideas seem illogical or frustrating this week, don’t be too quick to criticize, especially if this concerns a business relationship. What’s more important to you: preserving goodwill or delivering accurate feedback?  Are there any aspects of their offering that might actually be worth exploring?

Libra, Sep 24 – Oct 23

This week’s pattern of opposing planets offers a clear message to stop and, if necessary, acknowledge what isn’t going the way you’d planned. A balanced perspective may be hard to find, but don’t get lost in worst case scenario thinking and rush important decisions. Discuss your concerns honestly. 

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