Your Weekly Horoscope for September 10-16, 2023

Chart your stars for this week.

In this week’s horoscope, Mercury retrograde is useful for brokering a new balance between personal priorities. Pressures to produce, perform or provide need to stop; relax and really listen to what your inner intelligence is telling you.

Aries, Mar 21 – Apr 21

With your boss planet Mars relaxing into more entertaining options, the lone wolf persona may seem less appealing this week than teaming up for the win.  Because there’s no need to make life a struggle taking care of absolutely everything when you could enjoy a little help from your friends.    

Taurus, Apr 22 – May 21

Jupiter making its slow, steady retrograde through Taurus is your chance to redefine and refine your plans and ambitions into a more sustainable path forward.  This cycle energises you to make practical to-do lists and check them off patiently all the way to the desired goal.

Gemini, May 22 – Jun 22

As Mercury completes its last week in retrograde, miscommunication and misunderstandings begin to clarify, and plans head back on track with less interference.  If arrangements need to be reassessed and altered, remember that changing your mind has always been a Gemini superpower. 

Cancer, Jun 23 – Jul 23

If the sun, Mercury, Mars and September’s new moon have you downsizing closets, making charity drops, revising your budget and scheduling new health routines, then keep going. If not, consider at least one of the above activities, which could be more enjoyable than you thought.

Leo, Jul 24 – Aug 23

With feel-good Venus back in control of your sign, this week’s about colour, style, allowing your artistic voice full resonant roar, and taking a look at how well you’re interacting with others. With the sun and Mercury aligned in service-oriented mode, random acts of kindness will be appreciated.

Virgo, Aug 24 – Sep 23

When this week’s trio of sun, new moon and your patron planet Mercury all align in your sign, the celestial gears mesh and this year’s cosmic winds lift the life of Virgo into a bright, fresh cycle. And to celebrate, beautifier Venus is advocating a style makeover to suit the new you.

Libra, Sep 24 – Oct 23

This week’s planetary swings and roundabouts see your cosmic compass Venus back in action, while six outer planets remain in retrograde. As Mercury moves his all-seeing magnifying glass over the theme of relationships, partnerships attract critical thinking during Saturday’s Libra moon. 

Scorpio, Oct 24 – Nov 22

According to Scorpio writer Margaret Atwood, beginnings are more fun than endings but true connoisseurs favour the stretch in between for its educational challenges. There are still a few hard yards left to navigate during September’s retrogrades, but what you learn this week makes the going easier.

Sagittarius, Nov 23 – Dec 21

During your mentor planet Jupiter’s retrograde you might find yourself re-evaluating goals and considering whether what you’re working towards is still really right for you, and if so whether you’re currently going about it the right way.  This week’s celestial energies encourage being patient with the process.

Capricorn, Dec 22 – Jan 20

Your planet guide Saturn is strongly suggesting that this is a week for gathering yourself together rather than spreading yourself thin.  For saying no to that one extra thing that sends life into overwhelm. For rejigging your relationship with yourself before negotiating with the collective.

Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 19

Feeling stuck? This week’s sun in auspicious alignment with your sponsor planet Uranus suggests that mixing things up and trying different approaches might bring a lightbulb realisation. Your most useful mantra comes via Aquarian author Alice Walker: ‘Thank you’ is the best prayer of all. 

Pisces, Feb 20 – Mar 20

Humanity’s natural need to pay the bills with work that nourishes our soul periodically benefits from a reality check. And the practical, sensible energy of your opposite and complementary sign on the zodiac wheel will support any course corrections that seem necessary this week.

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