Studio 10’s Narelda Jacobs debuts new partner with photo of the couple kissing

After the end of a long-term relationship, Narelda has found love again.
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TV host and journalist Narelda Jacobs has shared her new relationship with the world.

Posting to Instagram, the proudly queer Studio 10 host shared a photo of herself kissing her new partner – Karina Natt, the chief of staff for South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

The image was captioned, “Can’t ignore the numbers. First date 23/02/23. 1 month later 23/03/23 #loveislove #worldpridelove.”

Narelda has a new love!

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Going on their first date just over four weeks ago, Narelda and her significant other’s first date coincided with World Pride in Sydney.

The happy news comes after the relationship breakdown of the 47-year-old and long term partner filmmaker Stevie Cruz-Martin a few months ago.

Whilst Narelda is confident in her sexuality now, she did previously struggle to accept she was gay, due to being raised in a strict Christian family.

Narelda was one of the judges of the 2022 Australian Women Weekly’s Women of the Future Awards.

(Credit: (Image: Peter Brew-Bevan))

As an indigenous and queer female media personality, Narelda is most certainly seen as inspiration to other women, especially as she uses her roles in the media to speak out about issues that are close to her – and other women’s – hearts.

But, the 47-year-old hasn’t always had about the confidence to speak up like she does now.

Speaking to The Weekly in July 2022 the journalist explained the growth she’s had, saying, “the younger Narelda was really lacking in confidence. I could get up in front of a group of people because my parents were pastors in a church – I always saw them standing up in front of people and speaking, so it wasn’t a fear of that.

“It was a fear of being able to communicate my own ideas and opinions. At first, I didn’t think I had opinions. Now I know that I do have opinions that I want to share, and I realise that people are interested in them.”

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