Julie Bishop gains social media following with fitness videos

Julie Bishop has set herself an impressive goal for 2023, and she's gaining support as she shares the journey online.
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The Hon Julie Bishop has already inspired others by being Australia’s first female foreign minister and setting a precedent for women in leadership in Australia.

But she’s now reached a new audience with an inspirational new message that isn’t politically focused.

In 2023 the 66-year-old has set herself a resolution of running five to 10 kilometres every day, no matter now busy she is.

As she’s fulfilled this vow she’s been posting daily videos of her run on social media, allowing her followers to follow along the fitness journey – as well as keeping herself accountable!

Speaking to Today Extra about the decision to share her journey on Instagram, Julie explained that she wants to show others that it’s possible for them to get out there on the pavement, too.

“I’ve been running for many, many years but I hope the message that the followers of my posts get is that a daily exercise routine is possible wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and that it does have positive health benefits,” she said.

“I always feel a lot better after a run.”

Julie even made sure she fitted in time for runs when she was Foreign Minister, running overseas whilst on work trips, and even going for a run with former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson!

A trip to London earlier this year didn’t stop Julie from getting in her daily runs.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

“Wherever I was in the world I’d make sure I had a daily run and that led to some rather interesting diplomatic occurrences,” she said.

“I remember running around Buckingham Palace with Boris Johnson and I thought he was going to pass out.”

The videos of her 10km trots are proving to be popular, gaining comments on support, with some comments displaying the inspiration she’s providing.

“I’m 53 and desperately trying to find inspiration to get outside and run, right now it’s 5km on the treadmill 🙄…watching you makes want to get back out there so much,” was one comment.

So far in just one and a half months, Julie has ran whilst in London and Colorado, and back home in Sydney she’s mixed up her running routes; from the beach, to the Anzac Bridge, to hitting the pavement in the city centre.

If you hadn’t realised prior to now, there really is no stopping this uplifting woman!

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