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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge makes very relatable appearance with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

It comes off the back of intense backlash.
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If there’s one thing royal fans simply can’t get enough of, it’s when members of the monarchy act ‘just like us’.

Now, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has done just that with her recent flight to Scotland.

A keen fan, who was seated two rows behind the royal, captured footage of Kate and her two youngest kids, Charlotte and Louis, disembarking a jet along with a nanny and security.

Catherine arrives in Scotland with Charlotte and Louis.

(Credit: (Image: TikTok | @turbom1k3y))

Sharing the footage to TikTok, the videographer wrote: “On a flight to Scotland, Kate Middleton, both kids, a nanny and security 2 rows in front of me.”

The royal fan admired the family’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by opting to forgo a private jet (or PJ).

“Could get a private jet or helicopter but keeping it simple. Flying economy. She even got up half way through the flight to get her daughters IPAD,” they penned.

A similar sentiment was echoed in the comments.

Fans commended Catherine for not using a Private Jet.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

“I mean fair play to them for flying economy cause they don’t have to 😂,” one user observed.

“Catherine is a stunning woman who carries herself with dignity humility and grace…big respect to her and her family 🥰,” another added.

Though, another suggested the royals should not fly economy, writing: “They’ve guilt tripped into flying with the normals but I think they should private jet it. That’s our future king and queen!”

“I mean fair play to them for flying economy cause they don’t have to 😂,” one user wrote.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

The sighting comes not long after many A-List celebrities faced backlash for their excessive PJ usage.

Topping the list was American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, with a reported 170 flights on her PJ since January.

Swift’s reps released a statement to Rolling Stone in response to the study, claiming that the star’s jet is “loaned out regularly to other individuals … To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect”.

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While not recording as many CO2 emissions as the Love Story singer, the royals have not been free from criticism when it comes to their PJ use.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry have been slammed in the past for using private jets while preaching environmental sustainability.

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