The Wales children’s heartbreaking appearance at the Queen’s funeral two weeks after losing their great granny

Royal watchers were emotional as the children arrived.
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Two of the Wales children have made their first public appearance since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompanying their mother to the funeral.

The young royals, aged nine and seven, were dressed in matching black outfits as they arrived at Westminster Abbey to farewell their great-grandmother.

Prince Louis, four, was not in attendance.

Two of the Wales children have made their first public appearance since Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

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Catherine arrives with Princess Charlotte.

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Royal watchers had been waiting for the children to make an appearance after the Queen’s sudden death on September 8, with rumours they would appear as her coffin was taken from Balmoral last week.

However the Prince and Princess of Wales, who have always been strict about their children’s privacy, chose to shield them from the spotlight in the wake of their great-grandmother’s death until now.

It was only confirmed on Monday that George and Charlotte would attend the funeral and mother Princess Catherine cut a protective figure as she escorted them into Westminster Abbey.

WATCH: The Princess of Wales reveals Prince Louis’ reaction to the Queen’s death

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Catherine previously revealed to mourners that her and William’s youngest son, Louis, had a surprising and bittersweet reaction to the news of his great-grandmother’s death.

“My little Louis, this is so sweet, he said ‘Mummy don’t worry, she’s now with great grandpa’,” the newly anointed Princess of Wales told crowds gathered outside Windsor last week.

Louis was referring to the Queen’s husband of more than 70 years, Prince Philip, who dies in April 2021.

The children’s latest sombre appearance is a stark contrast to the last time we saw them photographed in public on their first day at a new school.

The Wales children photographed with their parents on their first day at their new school in Windsor.

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George, Charlotte and Louis looked delightful in matching school uniforms as they attended an orientation afternoon at Lambrook School in Windsor, where they family recently relocated.

William and Catherine, then still the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were all smiles as they accompanied their three children on the big day.

It’s believed the children will return to their studies at Lambrook School after the official period of royal mourning.

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