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King Frederik and Queen Mary’s coronation in pictures

Rolling live coverage of the historic event.
Queen mary coronation

Fifty-two years to the day that she became Queen of Denmark, Margrethe will be abdicating the throne on January 14. Whilst there will not be a coronation of King Frederik and Queen Mary, there will be a Danish Royal Proclamation – a much shorter and less opulent ceremony.

Keep reading for rolling coverage and pictures of the coronation of King Frederik X and Queen Mary.

The King and The Queen ride in a carriage to Amalienborg

King Frederik and Queen Mary are now riding in a carriage through Copenhagen as they make their way back to Amalienborg following the royal proclamation. Shortly after this, more official ceremonies will take place.

Queen Mary joins her husband on the Christiansborg Palace balcony

The newly crowned Queen Mary has just stepped onto the balcony to join her husband, King Frederik X. The couple’s four children, Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine, also joined them on the balcony

Queen mary coronation

The new King steps onto the balcony for the royal proclamation

A tearful King Frederik X has just stepped out onto the balcony of Christiansborg Palace. King Frederik was visibly taking in the surreal moment that thousands of people beneath the balcony cheer for him. The Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, has just given an official speech proclaiming Frederik as King.

Soon after, King Frederik stepped up to the podium to give a speech to the thousands of loyal royal fans before him and the millions watching on television.

Queen Margrethe departs from Christiansborg Palace

Queen Margrethe has now departed Christiansborg Palace following the official declaration of her abdication. Margrethe will now return to Amalienborg.


Council of State at Christiansborg Palace

HM The Queen, HRH The Crown Prince and HRH Prince Christian will work together with the Government and the Council of State to finalise Queen Margrethe’s abdication. It is during this time that the succession of the throne takes place where Queen Margrethe has signed a declaration of her abdication. The entire process is done behind the walls of the castle and away from cameras.

The next time Prince Frederik and Princess Mary emerge will be on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace where the Prime Minister of Denmark will proclaim the royal couple as King and Queen.

Queen Margrethe II rides in a carriage from Amalienborg

Queen Margrethe is also leaving Amalienborg, however, she is travelling alone in a historically significant carriage. Called the ‘Golden Wedding’ carriage, the opulent piece was made at the end of the 19th century to mark the 50th wedding anniversary of King Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark.

Queen Mary Coronation

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and HRH Prince Christian leave Amalienborg

Despite the weather dipping below zero degrees, Danish royalists have lined the streets to catch a first glimpse of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary as they begin their trip to the Danish Royal Proclamation where they will become King and Queen.

The Crown Prince Couple and HRH Prince Christian left Frederik VIII’s Palace in Amalienborg to head to Christiansborg Palace. It looks like Princess Mary has opted for white for the historic occasion.

Queen Mary coronation

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