Sophie Countess of Wessex has often been compared to Princess Diana – and it’s easy to see why

The royal blondes have more in common than we realised.
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Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan are often compared to one another, but before they joined the royal family, fans noticed some similarities between two other women within the firm.

Though they didn’t cross paths, Prince Edward’s wife Countess Sophie of Wessex and Prince Charles’ first wife Princess Diana shared more parallels than just their iconic blonde bobs.

Sophie of Wessex oozes elegance and sophistication but shows strength and compassion whilst on royal duties and mingling with the general public, just as the Princess of Wales did during and after her time as a working royal.

Unfortunately, we were never able to see the two embark on royal outings together as Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation in 1992 and the royal mother-of-two tragically died in 1997 – just two years before Prince Edward and the then-Sophie Rhys-Jones’ royal wedding.

Needless to say, both the Queen’s daughter-in-laws will be royal favourites for years to come, as well as the ultimate nineties style icons.

Keep scrolling to see all the times the royal blondes twinned.

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Blonde bobs and chic suits? A match made in heaven.

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Power suits were all the rage in the nineties, and we love this matching mint green hue.

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When Sophie drove away from work for the last time before her royal wedding, it reminded us of all the times Princess Diana went behind the wheel.

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And on their respective wedding days, both brides nailed their royal wave during the carriage procession.

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Countess Sophie oozed royal glamour at the wedding of Princess Martha Louise of Norway in 2002, and Princess Diana wore a similar gown and choker at London’s Royal Opera House years before in 1991.

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Red is their colour! We were seeing double with these photos.

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Both knew the importance of a statement monochrome hat when attending Trooping the Colour.

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The active royals look good in bike shorts too!

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Nothing beats a classic chic white dress.

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When Diana visited a hospital in Pakistan during a royal tour, she royal looked breathtaking in a blue head scarf. Then in 2018, Countess Sophie bore a striking similarity when she and Prince Edward visited a Sikh temple in London.

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They’ve even had moments when they colour-coordinated with the Queen!

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Diana dreamed of being a ballet dancer in her youth and kept her position as patron of the English National Ballet. Meanwhile Countess Sophie became patron of the Central School of Ballet and opened The Countess of Wessex Studios at the Central School of Ballet’s new premises in 2020.

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Diana’s charity work took her all over the world from Africa to the Middle East to the streets of London, just like Sophie’s which she continues to do as an active member of the royal family. And kids love them too!

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Diana was famous for her maternal instincts and it seems Sophie shares that quality.

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As mothers, there are plenty of photos of Sophie and Diana showing their love and devotion to their children.

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Who knew these two were so similar?

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