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Four incredible palaces that you can stay in

Fit for a king.
palace hotels

Sometimes a regular old hotel just doesn’t cut it. If you’re planning an overseas getaway and you’re looking for a fun twist on your accommodation, why not stay in a hotel fit for a King. 

Though the majority of us could never possibly know what it’s truly like to be a royal, staying in a palace might be the closest alternative. 

Here are four incredible palace hotels around the world that have been transformed into hotels.

Airelles Château de Versailles, France

Located 30km outside of Paris is one of the world’s most opulent palaces – Versailles. The decadent palace once housed the likes of Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI. In 2021, the luxury hotel chain Airelles opened up a 5 star accommodation offering within the Palace of Versailles.

Prices start at $2800 per night and guests can explore the opulent palace after hours when all the tourists have left.

palace hotels

Çırağan Palace, Turkey

Çırağan Palace is based in Instanbul and was built by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1863. In the early 1900s the palace was destroyed by a fire and forgotten about for over three quarters of a century before it was restored to its former glory in the ‘90s.

Featuring baroque architecture, a massive swimming pool and decadent gardens, a stay in the Çırağan Palace hotel starts at $660 per night.

palace hotels

Raimbagh Palace, India

The Raimbagh Palace in Jaipur, India was constructed to be a residence for royalty in 1887. Since then, it has been renovated, whilst still keeping its original charm, and turned into a five star hotel. Featuring motifs of hand-crafted marble and with numerous glorious gardens to stroll through, a stay in the Raimbagh Palace starts at $950 per night.

Villa d’Este, Italy

Villa d’Este is a stunning 17th-century palace hotel located in Lake Como in the north of Italy. After passing through various royal hands, in 1873, a group of wealthy businessmen converted the villa into a luxury hotel.

Whilst the hotel itself is beautiful and luxurious, there is the added bonus of being right on the water’s edge of Lake Como.

A stay at the Villa d’Este starts at $1200 per night.

Aman Summer Palace, China

A stay at the Aman Summer Palace in China means that when you wake up, you are mere steps away from a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in Beijing, the Summer Palace was built in 1750 only to be destroyed and reconstructed a century later. From tranquil gardens to breathtaking architecture, this is royal living at its finest.

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