DIY: How to make a Christmas napkin star

Have a starry, starry night with these festive napkins.

The key to nailing this Christmas napkin star is to ensure that your cloth napkin is made of a stiff fabric (use starch and then iron to rid any old crease marks). If you are using a paper napkin, ensure it is a good weight that will crease well.

What you will need

  • Napkin
  • String in the same colour as your napkin
  • Paper clip and/or bull clip.

How to make your Christmas napkin star

Christmas napkin star on a plate

Step 1

Lay your napkin flat on the table or another flat surface.

Step 2

Fold your napkin crosswise in half. Ensure it is a firm fold.

Step 3

Fold the left edge of your napkin towards the centre. Crease well.

Step 4

Repeat for the right edge of your napkin. You will now have a square shape.

Step 5

Fold the left edge again towards the centre – it’s very important to apply good pressure so a crease forms properly.

Step 6

Repeat with the right edge of your napkin. Press down well.

Step 7

Unfold your napkin gently to avoid disturbing the creases until you are where you had the napkin at step 2 (folded in half). You should be able to see all the creases clearly.

Step 8

Now we’re going to start steps to make the points of the stars. Compress the napkin like an according – folding to the front and then the back using the crease marks you have made.

Step 9

Fold the top right corner of the uppermost layer towards the bottom right so it makes a small triangle. Press down well to create a new fold.

Step 10

Unfold. Now you will need to “mountain fold” along the crease line made in step 9. A mountain fold is an origami technique where you fold the material behind itself. Your flap should now be folded inwards rather than outwards.

Step 11

Move to the next layer and repeat steps 9 and 10 until each layer is completed. Use a paperclip or bulldog clip to on the lower part of the napkin to help you spread out the layers while retaining the shapes you are making.

Step 12

Now move to the left-hand side of the napkin and complete steps 9-11. Putting a paperclip or bulldog clip in the middle will again help you to retain the shape and stability of your star points.

Step 13

Lay your napkin flat on a surface. Place the centre of the string beneath your napkin and then make a knot in the middle of the napkin on the top side.

Step 14

Once your knot is secure, expand your napkin on one side. It will form half of your star. Do the same on the other side, making sure the left and the right points meet at the centre. Voila! One napkin star.

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