Taking up running? Here are the best shoes for beginners

Run, don't walk to get these!

When you first take up running, not only will you be dealing with copious sweat and muscle pain, you run (no pun intended) the risk of developing blisters and shin splints if you don’t invest in good running shoes for beginners. If your shoes are ill-fitted, you will not receive the optimum support required for the repetitive motions of running, which can lead to injuries. But before the physical factors come into play, you first have to get past the mental barrier.

“I’ve spoken with so many people who want to run but can’t get past the ‘belief’ that they are not a runner,” says Keep It Cleaner CEO Laura Henshaw, who has launched a running campaign. “Just pop in your headphones, be kind to yourself and try your best. And don’t forget that a supportive pair of runners will go a long way. Lace-up, get out there and you’ll be surprised by just how capable you are!”

Yep, it all starts with your equipment. But how do you find the best running shoes for beginners? Firstly, know your foot type, including the height of your arch. This will help you determine what features you need. For example, if you have high arches, you should seek a supportive midsole, if you have narrow feet, seek a snug-fit runner.

“Some individuals have neutral feet, while others may overpronate or supinate, which affects how their feet roll during each stride,” says fitness trainer Isaac Robertson. “Many running stores offer gait analysis to help determine the right shoe for your specific needs. Look for shoes with ample cushioning to absorb impact and reduce the strain on your joints. A well-cushioned midsole and good arch support can help maintain proper foot alignment.”

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the best women’s running shoes for beginners.


Under Armour, Women’s Phantom Running Shoes


These lightweight and comfortable shoes provide support and stretch where you need it.


Nike, Infinity Running Shoes


With supportive cushioning from state-of-the-art foam, these shoes are built for bounce and a smooth run.


adidas, Swift Run 1.0 Shoes


The perfect combination of style and comfort, these midsoles feel like running on clouds.


ASICS, Metaspeed Sky+ Unisex Running Shoes


Lightweight and spacious, these are perfect for the strider runner. The bouncy material also allows runners to conserve energy and maintain their pace.


New Balance, Fresh Foam 1080 v 13s


With top-of-the-line performance technology and comfort, these kicks are flexible, breathable and supportive, They also have fine-tuned midsole mapping, perfect for beginners.

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