5 easy low-cost ways to transform your bedroom

Spruce up your bedroom without lifting a hammer.

The humble bedroom is the sanctuary where we will spend a third of our lives sleeping, watching television and reading. But it’s not just a functional space, our bedroom is one of the of the most deeply intimate spaces of our homes – a place that truly reflects who we are. If your bedroom is in major need of sprucing, but you don’t want to commit to full-blown renovations or redecorations, then here are 5 bedroom refresh ideas.


Freshen up your bed

Treating yourself to a set of new bedsheets is the easiest (and most affordable) ideas that can really freshen up your bedroom. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour, or to stay with your bedroom’s colour scheme, new sheets have the power to transform your whole bedroom. Try experimenting and get creative with different patterns and textures to really make your bedroom pop.


Paint your walls

On the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum, if you’re looking to make a project out of this, why not bust out the paint roller? Changing the colour of your bedroom walls can breathe new life and endless possibilities into the space.

You could opt for soft neutral tones like blues, greens and greys to create a calming haven. Or, you could take this opportunity to amplify your space with dramatic and bold hues instead.


Light up your room

Another way to lift the look of your room is to shop for a lamp. Whilst it may not sound totally riveting at first, lamps are one of the most powerful décor items in the bedroom. It’s also a low-cost and low-commitment way to jazz up your space.

Just like with the bedspreads, you can choose a neutral lamp that blends in with the space if you’re more focused on the ambiance of the lighting itself. Or, you can find personality pieces with fun lamp shades and bases that adds a layer of expression and personalisation to your space.


Dress up your windows

One of the most powerful aspects of your bedroom’s aesthetic is the curtains. Perhaps you moved in and you’ve never paid close attention to your curtains, or it’s something that’s been on your renovation ‘to-do’ list forever. Either way, a fresh pair of curtains will really transform your space.

If you’re looking to give your room a light, airy and elegant vibe, then opt for breezy chiffon curtains. Or, if you’re wanting your bedroom to feel intimate and cosy, opt for heavier, blackout curtains instead.


Turn your room into a gallery

Art can really set the tone and atmosphere in a room. Most of us might think that art décor needs to be in front of the eyes of our house guests, but that’s not true. Art is a fun way to express yourself and your personal tastes, and what better place to showcase that then in your personal sanctuary?

Art doesn’t discriminate on budget either. Don’t think you need to go shopping for a Picasso to hang on the wall. Even a simple print on the wall can introduce new colours and textures into your space. One of the best places to find eclectic and one-of-a-kind pieces is on Etsy.

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