Spilled red wine? Here’s how to clean it up

There's no use crying over spilled wine, read our guide to tackling red wine stains.

Have you ever sunk into the couch with a big glass of red wine after a long week only for it to tip off the edge and spill all over the carpet? Though it’s delicious and a refreshing treat, red wine can be one of your biggest foes when it comes to cleaning. Whether it’s on your clothes or on the carpet a red wine stain is nonetheless daunting. 

How to get red wine out of clothes

If you’re at a party and you’ve spilled red wine on your clothes, fear not, you can rectify it quickly and save your beloved garments from a lifetime of stains.

  1. Act quickly: The quicker you work to remove the stain, the better. It’ll stop the residue from spreading and creating a bigger stain and it’ll also be easier to work with when it’s still fresh.
  2. Blot the stain: Using a clean cloth or paper towel, blot the area to soak up as much wine as possible from the fabric.
  3. Use soda water: If you have soda water on hand, pour it directly onto the stain so it’s saturated. The carbonation will help lift the stain from the fabric. Blot and repeat until the stain is gone.
  4. Use a stain remover or home remedy: If you don’t have soda water at your disposal, a stain remover or a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish soap will do the trick.
  5. Soak: After this, you’ll want to soak the garment in some cold water. Try adding vinegar or baking soda to attack the stain. After this, wash and air dry et voila!

How to get red wine out of carpet 

If you’ve accidentally knocked a glass of wine onto the carpet, the stain removal process is similar to clothes. Once again, you’ll need to act quickly so the stain doesn’t set in. There’s a few different methods to attack a red wine stain on the carpet depending on what you have in your pantry.

Soda water: Like with clothes, soda water is great for attacking wine stains in the carpet thanks to the carbonation. Pour the soda water directly onto the area and let it fizz up, then blot it to remove the stain.
Salt: After you’ve blotted up as much wine as possible using a cloth or paper towel, dump salt onto the stain. Let the salt sit on the stain for a few hours to lift the wine from the carpet fibres
Hydrogen peroxide and dish soap: A mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish soap is another way you can attack wine stains on the carpet.

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