3 simple tips for a beautiful indoor green space

Create your own oasis.

From the broad, shiny leaves of a fiddle leaf fig to an elegant trail of devil’s ivy, nothing creates a sense of calm in the home like green spaces. Indoor plants connect us with nature, add colour and interest to our décor and can even improve air quality. Pottering around with plants can also be a relaxing, mindful hobby, so if you’re looking to bring some natural beauty into your home, these simple tips will help you create your own green, serene scene.

Cluster of plants in pink pots
Matching pots are a stylish way to make a design statement in your green spaces. Featured: Northcote Pottery Paloma Egg Pots. Photo: Supplied.

Pots first, plants later

Before you bring your plant babies home from the nursery, first choose your pots. Ideally, they should complement your home’s décor, not overtake it. Look for decorative pots and planters in tones that work with your furniture, your home’s colour scheme and style.

Consider the size of the space and how many available surfaces you have when choosing your plants. Larger plants can make a statement in a room, while smaller ones look great on shelves or tables.

Grouping different plants in matching pots can make an eye-catching feature of a plain corner or wall. Matching pots look great as a cluster, or place them separately around the room and they’ll still look cohesive like the Northcote Pottery Paloma Egg Pots in a subtle blush shade. They come in three sizes and are designed to fit the grow pots nurseries sell plants in, so you don’t have to fuss around with repotting.

Pick the right plants

Naturally, you want your plants to grow and thrive, so it’s important to choose the right ones for the conditions in your home. Take humidity levels into account, and how much natural light you get in different rooms. Some plants prefer bright, indirect light, while others can tolerate lower light conditions, so check the label on the pot before you buy or ask the experts at the nursery if you’re not sure.

In lower light, plants like peace lilies do well. Ferns love humidity, so they’re a good pick to adorn your bathroom windowsill and bathe in your shower steam. Then there are the hardy types that tolerate most conditions, such as fiddle leaf figs, snake plants and succulents, but be mindful you don’t overwater these.

Every plant has its own specific care requirement, so do a bit of research to ensure you’re watering them often enough and when you should be fertilising for optimal growth. Indoor plants need their leaves dusted regularly and remember to clean your pots from time to time to get rid of any dropped leaves and loose soil.

The ‘Pink Splash’ Aglaonema plant in a pink pot.
The ‘Pink Splash’ Aglaonema plant brings a bright pop of colour to your décor.  Photo: Supplied.

Planting seeds of joy

Having indoor plants is like owning a living art collection, so have some fun with them. Move your plants around when you feel like changing things up, swap around your pots in other rooms or use your plants to accentuate areas in your home, such as near windows, on a coffee table, or as a festive centrepiece on your dining table.

If plants make you happy, why not share the joy? A beautiful plant in a stylish pot makes a fantastic gift, and an especially thoughtful one if you happen to know someone’s favourite plant or pick a pot in their favourite colour.

It’s an easy present to put together too, just hop into the Bunnings garden section, look for the Northcote Pottery range and choose a plant to match. It’s a gift that lasts and, with a little love, will bring joy for years to come.

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