All the celebrities who have been immortalised with Barbies

From Tina Turner to Kylie Minogue.

Very few honours compare to being immortalised in Barbie form. Just eight years after her 1959 debut, Barbie released the first of many celebrity Barbies based on the 60s icon, Twiggy. Five decades later, Barbie rolled out their ‘Role Models‘ campaign where inspiring women were honoured with a Barbie iteration of themselves. Over the years, Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly have been made into Barbies. Most recently, Queen Camilla and Kylie Minogue received the prestigious honour herself.

Read on to see all the best celebrity Barbies.


Queen Camilla

For the brand’s 65th anniversary celebrations, they have released a set of dolls recognising women worldwide who embody Barbie’s ethos. Queen Camilla is among those women.

When presented with the one-of-a-kind doll, which wears a replica of Camilla’s Fiona Clare dress and Amanda Wakeley coat, she said, “Thank you very, very much indeed. It’s brilliant. You’ve taken about 50 years off my life. We should all have a Barbie!”


Kylie Minogue

Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue is getting her own Barbie too! The Kylie Minogue Barbie wears Kylie’s vivid red outfit from the Padam Padam music video.

“I think Padam Padam was a good look for my Barbie moment because she’s very current,” Kylie Minogue said of the Barbie. “I feel like she’s going to be timeless; she pops, it’s a very unique outfit…she looks amazing. She’s got some drama.”


Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren will also be getting a signature Barbie. Clutching an Oscar, Helen’s Barbie is a remake of her look from last year’s 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival where she debuted a Regency-inspired blue bouffant.

Unfortunately for Barbie-lovers, the dolls are not available to buy. Instead they’re special one-of-a-kind dolls that will be gifted to the women who inspired them.


Shania Twain

From giving us dancefloor anthems to cementing herself as an icon, it’s no surprise that Shania Twain is getting her own Barbie.


Viola Davis

She’s an actress, an author, an activist, and now, a Barbie! Viola Davis joins Kylie Minogue, Shania Twain and Dame Helen Mirren with receiving a Barbie.


Margot Robbie

After bringing Barbie to life on the screen, Margot Robbie‘s series of fantastic Barbie looks from the film were made into real-life dolls.


America Ferrera

America Ferrera also had her Barbie character, Gloria, turned into a glamorous doll after the runaway success of the movie.


Prince William and Princess Catherine

The wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine was not only a real-life fairy tale, but it was also a historical moment. What better way to cement the moment the world watched the future King of England marry his bride than with a commemorative Barbie?



From her days as Sonny and Cher to being a pop powerhouse, Cher has been a mainstay in pop culture for decades and decades. In fact, she’s so iconic that she’s had four Barbies made of her. This one is an iteration of her If I Could Turn Back Time look.


Tina Turner

In 2022, the late Tina Turner was immortalised in Barbie form. Barbie honoured the powerhouse vocalist with a Barbie that wore the outfit from the What’s Love Got to Do With It music video.

Stevie Nicks celebrity barbies


Stevie Nicks

In 2023, Stevie Nicks got a signature Barbie as a part of the brand’s music series. The doll wears Nicks’ beguiling and witchy black dress she wore on the cover of the seminal record, Rumours.

Grace Kelly celebrity barbies


Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly also was honoured with a Barbie replica of herself. Her Barbie, which is based of her character from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, wears a dreamy white skirt and black satin top.

Cyndi Lauper celebrity barbies


Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper has always unapologetically been herself, she’s the quintessential free spirit. As far as celebrity Barbies go, this is definitely one that just makes total sense. The Cyndi Lauper Barbie dons the same red dress and fishnet stockings from the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun album cover.

Marilyn Monroe celebrity barbies


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential Barbie girl, so it’s no surprise they’ve released a number of Barbie iterations of the blonde bombshell over the years.

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