Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson has a small role in new Pride and Prejudice film

But this isn’t the first time the Duchess of York has dabbled in acting…

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson has tried her hand at acting.

The Duchess of York has a small but very fitting role in the recently released film An American in Austen as ‘The Duchess’.

The film follows Harriet, an American librarian who idolises Jane Austin and the character Mr Darcy from her novel Pride and Prejudice.

sarah ferguson acting

But when Harriet suddenly finds herself transported to the world of Pride and Prejudice, she realises Mr Darcy isn’t all he seems…

Fergie appears in the Netherfield Ball scene – looking stunning in a gorgeous grey gown and sparkling tiara – as the “guest of honour”.

She tells the Bennett women that she suspects Charles Bingley threw the ball to see Jane Bennett again.

For those who have read the Jane Austen novel or seen one of its many film and television adaptations, Fergie seems to play the role of Lady Catherine de Bourgh despite only being credited as ‘The Duchess’.

sarah ferguson acting

But An American in Austen does stray heavily from its source material, so we can’t be too certain.

The new film does not mark the first time Fergie’s forayed into acting.

In 1998, she appeared as herself in the popular tv show Friends. One year later, she appeared in Dawn French’s The Vicar of Dibley, again as herself.

sarah ferguson

Fergie also voice acted in the 2004 short Disney film The Cat That Looked at a King; she voiced ‘The Queen’.

Furthermore, acting isn’t the only creative pursuit the Duchess of York has delved into.

Fergie has written several books, including Her Heart for a Compass and the Little Red series.

She also co-hosts the weekly podcast Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah.

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