Nicole Kidman’s stunning beauty transformation over the years

The Aussie icon turns 52 this year.
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Nicole Kidman truly is one of our national treasures.

The Oscar-winning actress, who turns 52 on June 20th, first graced our screens starring in eighties hits including BMX Bandits and long-running soap, A Country Practice before taking the world by storm and becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

As if her impressive resume and gorgeous family weren’t enough, Nicole also continues to look flawless and like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age.

Speaking to Glamour in 2018, she said, “As we get older we can still look good, be healthy and vibrant and appealing. Nobody wants to look like you’ve had the life sucked out of you. I just say it’s about gracefully ageing, because it can be fun!”

So what’s her secret? Well, she’s a proper Aussie when it comes to her number one beauty must-have: sunscreen.

“I’m just so religious about it. It’s just how I was raised, and it’s why my skin now is, I think, far less damaged than it could have been. Because I still go to the beach, it’s not that I don’t go to the beach, and it’s not that I’m not outside.”

Keep scrolling to see Nicole Kidman’s stunning beauty transformation.

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Nicole Kidman first appeared on the scene back in the 1980s.

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Just look at that fresh-faced glow!

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Those fiery red curls are simply gorgeous.

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A timeless beauty if ever we saw one.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman))


Those loose red locks are one of our favourite looks.

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“As a fair-skinned girl, I’ve worn sun cream since was a kid,” Nicole says of how she maintained her porcelain complexion.

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Nicole became a mum at the tender age of 25 to her adopted children Bella and Connor.

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It’s not often we see the starlet in glasses, but we love it!

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We can only hope we’d look as gorgeous as Nicole if we were ever invited to a Vanity Fair Oscar party.

(Credit: (Image: Getty Images))


Even when it’s short, Nicole can rock her curls like it’s nobody’s business!

(Credit: (Image: Getty Images))


As she accepted her Oscar in 2002, Nicole showed off her Old Hollywood glamour style.

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Good looks in the family! Nicole Kidman brought her mum to the Golden Globes in 2004 and the two made a stunning pair.

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Nicole wowed the crowds when she flew back to her hometown of Sydney for the Cold Mountain premiere.

(Credit: (Image: Getty Images))


Our Nicole knows how to make an entrance.

(Credit: (Image: Getty Images))


That newlywed glow! Nicole looked positively radiant shortly after her wedding to Keith Urban.


And during her pregnancy with Sunday Rose, the actress kept on glowing.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman))


It may be a black and white photograph, but Nicole shone in one of her first photos with her newborn daughter Sunday Rose.

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(Credit: (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman))


We love this photo of the bare-faced beauty when she visited Mexico.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman))


51 and flawless: Nicole and Keith looked picture perfect at the 2019 Australian Open.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman))


Those Kidman genes are strong: Nicole and big sister Antonia have certainly aged gracefully.


We have no doubt that Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret will inherit their mum’s stunning looks.

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52 never looked so good!

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