All the best Australian beauty brands you need to know

No matter what your beauty philosophy is.

From K-Beauty to J-Beauty, we have long obsessed over the makeup philosophies of countries around the world. However, here in our own backyard, we have a litany of impressive beauty brands from sunscreens, fragrances and makeup. Here’s a round up of some the best and most affordable Australian beauty brands to shop.

2024’s top affordable Australian beauty brands

  1. Australis
  2. Holme Beauty
  3. Who Is Elijah

The best affordable Australian beauty brands


The Quick Flick

Best for: easy-to-do eyeliners and innovative beauty products

The Quick Flick are the Perth-based beauty brand that brought us these ingenious eyeliner stamps. Whether you’re pressed for time or a beginner when it comes to makeup, The Quick Flick eyeliners made drawing an enviable cat eye a breeze. Since pitching her idea on Shark Tank in 2018, The Quick Flick’s founder, Iris Smit has gone on to develop a range of innovative beauty products such as an SPF 50+ primer hybrid and even a 4 in 1 eyeliner pen.


MCo Beauty

Best for: high-quality, low-cost dupes

MCo Beauty are the Australian beauty brand bringing you dupes of your favourite cosmetic products at a mere fraction of the price. You’ll find their delightfully pink-hued products in Woolworths, Big W, Chemist Warehouse and online too.



Best for: affordable, fun makeup

Australis has dominated the Australian beauty game for decades and for good reason, they have great products at super affordable prices. From lip liners, contour palettes and lip glazes, no matter what your beauty needs are, Australis is sure to have a product that you’ll love.


Holme Beauty

Best for: high-quality, natural-looking makeup

Hilary Holmes’ eponymous brand Holme Beauty stems from her 15 years of experience as a makeup artist in the beauty industry and a desire to provide a space where women of any age and background could feel at home in their skin.

With an array of glowy primers, setting sprays, highlighters, blushes and other beauty products, Holme Beauty is perfect those who love the understated makeup aesthetic.


Ultra Violette

Best for: reason

Given that we live in one of the world’s warmest countries and have some of the highest UV levels in the world, it’s no surprise that the Australian beauty scene is dominated by an array of homegrown sunscreen brands. One of these brands is Ultra Violette, who have a litany of sunscreens and SPF-infused beauty products.


Who Is Elijah

Best for: non-conformist fragrance

Australian-born Raquel Bouris created Who Is Elijah with the mission to revolutionise the fragrance industry by producing genderless fragrances that are not only subversive but delightfully fragrant.



Best for: light, everyday sunscreens

When Frances van der Velden found a small brown spot on her temple, she thought nothing of it. However, when she went to get it checked by a doctor, she learned it was a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) – one of the most common types of skin cancers. With this in mind, Frances launched Airyday, a light, wearable SPF 50+ sunscreens.

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