Style knows no age: Five older women you need to follow on Instagram

These witty and wonderful accounts are reviving their "it girl" status.
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Style knows no age. And thankfully, social media is starting to become a place for confident older women to showcase that mantra.

While Instagram might be largely known as a platform for its youthful users to post the best of their #belfies with #BAE, there appears to be a substantial cohort of real-world style veterans who are rejuvenating their “it girl” status’ with witty and wonderful accounts.

These mature women are being welcomed to the world of social media with large and engaged followings who are able to glimpse into their worlds, some almost a century in the making, and admire their life experience, their apparent appreciation of their individuality and their unique beauty.

Here are five stylish older women on Instagram we are crushing on.

Sarah Jane Adams

Jewellery designer Sarah-Jane Adams is a must-follow!

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

@Saramaijewels is the account of uber-cool antique jewellery designer Sarah-Jane Adams.

One look at her colourful bohemian account and you could have guessed Sarah-Jane spent her childhood rummaging through flea markets on Portobello Road in her native England, before jaunting around the globe buying and selling antiques and finally making a home in Australia.

Sarah-Jane has gained a following of 196,000 many of whom love her signature hashtag, #mywrinklesaremystripes.

To mark the model’s first year on the ‘gram, Sarah-Jane wrote a heartfelt post in which she said: “A lot can happen in a year,” talking about the new friends she has made and places she has been.

She also offered this wisdom: “If the universe sends you a curve-ball, I strongly suggest you catch it and run.”

We love that!

Linda Rodin

The former editor and stylist says her mother is her ultimate inspiration.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

As a former fashion editor and stylist for Harper’s Bazaar, Linda Rodin knows a thing or two about timeless beauty.

The fashion guru now has her own makeup line, Rodin, and uses Instagram to showcase her life-learned knowledge to her cult of devoted 305,000 followers, as well as her wanders with her charming silver poodle, Winky.

Speaking about her beauty line, Rodin told the Huffington Post that her inspiration for what she thinks is beautiful has mostly been informed by the impression of one woman – her mother Beatrice.

“My mother smelled like a powder puff. She smelled like lipstick, she smelled like peppermint, she smelled like cigarettes, she smelled like Juicy Fruit gum,” Rodin said.

“She just smelled so wonderfully 1950s.”

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Jenny Kee

Kee’s designs have been worn by the likes of Princess Diana.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

Fashion designer Jenny Kee is Australia’s authority on quirk.

Her colourful designs toe that fine line between a remarkably stylish outfit and a get-up, and her lengthy career is one that has been appreciated by all kinds of people, from street-artists to royalty (remember when Princess Diana wore Kee’s hand-knitted koala jumper to a polo match in 1982?).

Now Jenny is on Instagram and a whole new audience is cherishing her work.

Her followers can often gain insight into what inspires her, with the designer often posting pictures of Australian scenery and flora that clearly drive and stimulate her creativity.

Advanced Style

Yes to every single outfit in this photo!

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

While this isn’t the account of one individual female photographer, Ari Seth Cohen, curator of the account Advanced Style, offers proof in his pictures that the silver-haired set of New York City are often at the cutting edge of what is hip.

“Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest,” he says on his Advanced Style blog.

Baddie Winkle

This sassy 90-year-old has over three million followers on Instagram.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

Baddie Winkle is the sassy 93-year-old who has, by her own Instagram profile admission, been “stealing your man since 1928.”

She lip-syncs to Drake, posts pictures with Miley Cyrus and dresses crazier than MIA. Check out her profile and enjoy!

A version of this story originally appeared on women’s lifestyle website

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