Why rosehip oil is the transformational skincare secret loved by celebrities and royals

The underdog product that packs a powerful punch.
rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is the powerhouse skincare all-rounder that is about to revolutionise your skin. Rosehips are a bright pink fruit left on rose bushes that, when compressed, produce an oil that has a plethora of benefits. 

This particular skincare hero is said to be in the makeup bags of celebrities and royals like Victoria Beckham and Catherine Middleton – and it’s not hard to see why.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about rosehip oil.

What is rosehip?

A rosehip is a fruit that can be found on rose bushes after a rose has wilted and lost its petals. Typically found in a red or orange colour, rosehips are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E as well as essential fatty acids. They can be found in everything from food to medicine and even skincare.

Rosehip oil is the concentrate that is extracted from the seeds of rosehips. The oil has a range of skincare benefits from reducing the appearance of fine lines to moisturising properties – making it a favourite amongst celebrities, the online skincare community and skincare experts. 

rosehip oil

Is rosehip oil good for skin?

Rosehip oil has a plethora of medicinal and topical benefits – particularly for the skin. 

  • Hydration: The fatty acids in the oil makes it perfect for hydrating dry, itchy skin.
  • Brightening: Rosehip oil contains vitamin c which can inhibit the production of melanin which, over time, will reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Scar reduction: Studies have shown that this oil has properties that may aid in the reduction of both acne and surgical scarring.
  • Fine line reduction: Vitamins A and C – both of which are present in the oil – have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Is rosehip oil good for hair?

Rosehip oil is not only good for the skin, its abundance of exceptional ingredients means that it’s also an all-round haircare hero too. 

  • Scalp health: This oil is great for your scalp for all the same reasons that it’s great for your skin – the fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants can protect the skin on your head.
  • Inflammatory scalp issues: Similarly, rosehip oil’s anti-inflammatory properties may also be able to help treat inflammatory scalp issues.
  • Natural hair shine: Topically, this oil can be raked through your hair to boost the shine and give your mane a healthy glow.
  • Strengthening properties: The fatty acids in the oil may also be able to strengthen your hair and reduce breakage. 
rosehip oil

How do I use rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil is safe to be used both in the morning as well as at night – but preferably this particular oil should be included in your night regimen. 

Three to four drops of the oil can be applied after you cleanse and tone and before you moisturise. This is because this particular oil is considered a ‘dry oil’ – meaning that it dries quickly on the skin. However, because of its moisturising properties, you can choose to mix your oil into your moisturiser or skin moisturising altogether.

What are the best rosehip oils to buy?

If you’re ready to stock up on your rosehip and add it into your skincare regimen, here are some of the best you can buy.

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