3 ways to switch up your skin routine during winter

The simple swaps for skin that looks and feels as healthy as possible.

For most of us, a change of season brings with it a change in energy.

In winter, we start to slow down, and shift our focus on seeking out comfort and warmth, whether that be in our clothing, our diet or how we choose to spend our down time. But there’s another area of our lives we tend to neglect when it comes to changing things up as the chill factor increases: our skincare. And we shouldn’t. This is because our skin has different needs during winter.

The colder months are the perfect time to re-evaluate the products and ingredients we’re using, so try these three simple skincare swaps for winter skin that looks and feels as healthy as possible.

Focus on hydration and skin-soothing ingredients

In summer, our focus is usually on preventing sweat and shine, while protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. And while SPF is a non-negotiable part of any skincare routine all year round, winter is all about embracing hydration, rather than attempting to keep excess moisture at bay. 

That’s because cooler temperatures and an increase in dry, cold wind strips our skin of its natural moisture, disrupting its normal function. As we lose moisture, our skin becomes dehydrated and dry, resulting in an increase in irritation, redness and even itchiness.

Look for products with key ingredients that promote the skin’s moisture levels (like dimethicone, which forms a barrier on the skin to help minimise water loss) or ingredients that soothe the skin as they work, like the triple oat complex made from prebiotic oats in Aveeno’s Skin Relief Lotion & Wash.

Use products that promote and protect the skin’s moisture levels, like Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion & Wash. (Image: Supplied)

Oat extract soothes itchy, dry skin, while oat flour locks in moisture and oat oil works to strengthen the skin’s barrier. The formula containing triple oat complex also helps to balance the skin’s microbiome and maintain healthy-looking skin, making the range the perfect winter skin companion.

Creamy and fragrance-free, the Aveeno Skin Relief Wash gently but effectively cleanses to leave itchy, dry or sensitive skin feeling soothed and moisturised. Follow with the Skin Relief Lotion, which immediately works to nourish and restore essential moisture to skin. (In fact, it’s clinically proven to protect dry skin by doubling the skin’s moisture in one hour.)

Switch to a gentler cleanser

While we think of cleanser as a product that takes away (removing dirt, oil and leftover product) rather than adding, it’s also the first chance our skin gets to come into contact with potentially nourishing and protective ingredients.

In winter, choose a body cleanser that supports, rather than strips the skin, remembering that a ‘squeaky clean’ feeling is actually a sign we may have washed away too much of the ‘good stuff’ that keeps our skin healthy.

Oil-based, cream, or lightweight gel cleansers work best for dry skin and cold months. Look for ones that are soap-free and contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients like jojoba or rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid.

Switch to a gentle cleanser in the colder months to support skin. (Image: Getty)

Take a ‘less is more’ approach to exfoliation

The last thing you may want to think about doing for your irritated, dehydrated, and sensitive skin in winter is exfoliating, but the process of removing dead, dry skin can actually help improve the texture and health of our skin. 

Removing dead cells allows active and nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeper and more effectively, but there’s a fine line between reaping the rewards and over-doing it. 

Steer clear of harsh physical, scrub-like exfoliants, and try switching to chemical products instead, like those containing salicylic or lactic acid or gentle enzymes.

It’s best to exfoliate in the evening, and apply a rich, moisturising lotion (like Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion) directly afterwards to soothe, hydrate and protect your skin.

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