The 6 best high-tech facial treatments

No candlelight pampering here, but these tried and tested treatments deliver visible results.
Woman having LED facial treatment

There’s no doubt that a relaxing facial has the power to make your skin feel smoother and plumper. But if you want more dramatic results, your money is better spent on high-tech facials. There’s no relaxing candle-light pampering, but the results of these supercharged treatments outperform a traditional facial hands down.

These are six of the best high-tech face treatments currently available.


high-tech facial treatments
Lumixa treatment at Clear Skincare Clinics can help reduce redness

As close to relaxing as high-tech facials get, this fluorescent facial looks otherworldly. It’s a souped up version of LED light therapy – LED can only cover a single wavelength, while this offers the whole spectrum (blue, green, yellow, red) all at once.

Have it if…

You suffer inflammation, particularly redness. It’s brilliant for rosacea because, once the redness goes down, any underlying broken veins can be removed with a targeted laser to even out your skin tone. If you’re sensitive, don’t like painful treatments or have a compromised skin barrier, this high-tech treatment is definitely for you. For everyone else, it’s a great additional booster.

How Lumixa works

A patented fluorophore gel is applied to skin and activated by blue LED light. The resulting fluorescent light energy stimulates skin at a cellular level and reduces signs of inflammation (skin reactivity, redness, lines and discolouration). “The best thing about Lumixa is it’s non-invasive but delivers serious results, including boosting collagen up to 700 per cent, creating an anti-inflammatory effect and improving vascular channels,” says Emma Stewardson, National Clinical & Products Training Manager at Clear Skincare Clinics.

What to expect

It’s totally painless and you’ll be in and out in 30 minutes. You’ll feel a little like a piece of toast – warm under the light with a thick layer of gel on your face that glows a marmalade orange when activated. Four treatments are required, each a week apart – redness starts to reduce after the first or second treatment but full results are seen up to 12 weeks later (skin needs time to go through its natural rejuvenation process).

The pain scale

Totally painless, though you might feel a tingling or warmth under the light.

Where to get Lumixa

Go to for a clinic near you.

Picosure Pro

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Picosure Pro treatments are fantastic for pigmentation removal and skin tightening

An upgrade from the original PicoSure, this powerful laser can remove unwanted pigment and even out skin tone and texture for all skin types.

Have it if…

You want firmer, even-toned skin.

How Picosure Pro works

It uses a high-tech laser to blast unwanted pigment into tiny sand-like particles, prompting your body to absorb them before flushing them out. “It’s a powerful, yet safe technology that can treat pigmentation to a level where previous laser treatments failed to be effective,” says Sandra Sostres, National Clinical Manager at Cynosure. “As well as pigmentation, Picosure Pro is great for treating acne scars, removing tattoos and delivering overall skin rejuvenation.”

What to expect

A very warm feeling on the skin, much like when you get a mild sunburn. If you have olive or darker skin, you may want numbing cream. You’ll be done in 15 minutes and any redness should disappear overnight.

The pain scale

6/10 (much less with numbing cream).

Where to get Picosure Pro

Check out for a clinic near you.


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Emface treatment at Platinum Dermatology may help stimulate collagen

Emface works to tone and lift the muscles by pushing two types of energy: Radio-frequency (to stimulate collagen) and high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (to improve facial tone). It treats muscle strength and skin texture at the same time.

Have it if…

You feel like gravity is taking hold and your face is losing volume and firmness.

How Emface works

Applicator pads are placed on each cheek and the forehead, then attached to a machine that heats skin and triggers muscles to contract. “Emface is needle-free, pain-free treatment that tightens and gives back volume to the face by strengthening muscles,” says Dr Ritu Gupta, Specialist Dermatologist at Platinum Dermatology. “It also increases collagen and elastic tissue and reduces wrinkles.” Four treatments in as many weeks are required for best results.

What to expect

You’ll feel a warm tingling as the pads heat up. It doesn’t hurt but expect your face to scrunch up intensely. It’s a high-tech physical workout for the facial muscles and, while it feels odd on cheeks, it’s almost relaxing on the forehead. It’s a 20-minute procedure with no redness afterwards.

The pain scale


Unlike some high-tech facials, this is not painful but the intense muscle contraction takes some getting used to.

Where to get Emface

Head to if you are in Sydney or check out for a clinic near you.


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Morpheus8 is loved by celebrities for skin rejuvenation

It’s micro-needling on steroids. Dubbed ‘the non-surgical facelift’ ultra-thin needles are combined with fractional radio frequency to contour, lift and tighten the skin. It’s huge with U.S. celebrities who are singing its toning praises for both face and body

Have it if…

You want that ‘snatched’ jawline and smoother skin (particularly if you want to reduce pore visibility or acne scarring). It can be done on the face, neck and even stomach (the manufacturer says it’s particularly popular as a treatment for saggy jowls).

How Morpheus8 works

Gold-coated micro-needles and radio frequency penetrate the skin through a giant pen-like device, creating a controlled injury (micro lesions) that stimulates collagen and elastin production (the two key proteins that make skin firm and smooth).

What to expect

You’ll need to pause active ingredients (like retinol and acids) the week before and after as it’s quite an intense treatment. Thanks to the size of the high-tech device, the treatment itself is speedy (15-30 minutes depending on the area) and skin will be noticeably red afterwards with visible dots where the needles entered. Any redness should fade overnight. You may need two or three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

The pain scale

5/10 (with numbing cream)
Make sure the numbing cream has a full 30 minutes to kick in.

Where to get Morpheus8

Visit for clinic locations in Australia.


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Hydrafacials are popular with celebrities before red carpet events

Don’t be fooled by the name – this isn’t a pamper session but a seriously deep exfoliation. A thorough cleanse and peel is followed by a face ‘vacuum’ to clear blocked pores before antioxidant serums deliver goodness to those fresh new surface cells.

Have it if…

You want baby-smooth skin. Not suitable for sensitive or fragile skin but it can work wonders on robust complexions. “HydraFacial is much more than a stand-alone exfoliation treatment,” says Emma Stewardson. “Impurities are removed so hydration can be infused deep into the skin. It gives you long-lasting results in terms of refined skin and infused hydration.”

How Hydrafacial works

It’s the facial version of a precision car detailing. First, a cleanse (glycolic and salicylic acid), then a buff and polish (pores are suctioned free of debris) before a glossy coating (medical-grade serums are slathered on to boost skin glow). An LED light treatment can be added on at the end.

What to expect

Don’t expect it to be relaxing as this is an active, noisy treatment with devices that whirr, suck and spin on your face. Do, however, expect to walk out with the smoothest skin you will ever have. One of the best high-tech facials to remedy rough skin texture.

The pain scale


High-tech facials can be uncomfortable at times and this one is no exception because the exfoliation is intense and the full treatment takes up to an hour.

Where to get Hydrafacial

Visit for details. Clear Skincare Clinics offer this treatment nationwide and a free initial consultation to see if it’s right for you.

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