The $30 solution to one of nighttime’s most dreaded tasks

This Aussie brand has an ingenious and affordable solution to a common bathroom pet peeve.

There are some weekends where doing your nighttime routine sounds like a better prospect than going out. From doing a face mask to treating your skin to a 10-step skincare regimen, a spa day at home can be truly indulgent.

However, the mood can quickly be soured when you’re halfway through cleansing your face only for water to seep down your arms and into your sleeves or through your hair. This is especially true in those colder Winter months. 

Australian-based brand POLSO have come up with a masterful solution to preventing wet sleeves and hair whilst making your nighttime routine a luxurious experience, too.

Skincare obsessed best friends Freya and Camilla have launched ‘Wash Cuffs’ after their own frustrations with water getting on their sleeves and arms when washing their face. POLSO’s wash cuffs are made from a decadently soft fabric, these cuffs are elasticated and fit snugly on your wrists to stop water trickling down your arms. 

That’s not the only solution POLSO has spearheaded. The brand also released a matching spa headband so you can keep your hair dry and out of your face when doing your skincare regimen. You can get a set of the wash cuffs and the headband as a bundle in white or sage green.

If you’re after the full spa experience from home, swap out the spa headband for the head turban. Not only will it leave you with silky and smooth hair – it’ll also protect your locks from damage, split ends and unwanted frizz.

The brand also has a swathe of other spa-like products to turn your humble bathroom into a serene sanctuary. This includes a claw clip to keep your hair back and out of your face, a cleansing sponge and a dry brush to exfoliate the skin – who needs a spa when you can have this at home?

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