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EXCLUSIVE: Deborah Hutton’s unexpected fashion connection to Crown Princess Mary

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During her royal tour of Bangladesh back in April, Crown Princess Mary brought her effortless style along with her.

On a visit to Cox’s Bazar to meet with refugees, the Danish queen-to-be wore a simple button down shirt and brown pants and accessorised her look with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed white hat.

But it turns out her headwear was a subtle nod to her Australian roots and was all thanks to Deborah Hutton’s sun-safe hat company, Canopy Bay Hats.

The Danish royal’s hat was by Deborah Hutton’s company Canopy Bay.

(Credit: (Image: Jesper Sunesen))

After her Danish-born business partner Tina reached out to the Danish Palace, Deborah revealed that her company Canopy Bay Hats sent Mary a selection of hats including the Peta, named for Tina’s husband.

Speaking exclusively to The Weekly, Deborah reveals she and her team were surprised and delighted to not only receive a note of thanks from the Palace but to also see Mary don the Peta hat on her royal tour.

“She’s just gorgeous, she styled it really perfectly.”

(Credit: (Image: Jesper Sunesen))

“She’s just gorgeous, she styled it really perfectly. I know we sent her a couple but obviously that was the one she was drawn to,” Deborah says.

“We were so excited I can’t tell you! This is a beautiful brand and to have that recognition, for her to not only thank us but wear it..I just love the fact that she embraces anything Australian.

“She’s obviously very protective about her Australian heritage, it’s not something she’s going to forget quickly. I think she does what she can when she can to embrace Australian design and I think it’s great that Canopy Bay is seen as not only fashionable but it’s a protective hat.

“I love the fact that she took it to Bangladesh because these hats are travel-friendly and you can pack them in your suitcase.”

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After undergoing surgery following her second facial skin cancer diagnosis, Deborah is passionate about spreading awareness about sun safety even in the colder months.

“People think that just because it’s cold and you don’t feel the heat you can’t be affected by UVA and UVB rays but you can still have very high UV exposure in the middle of winter,” she says, adding that Canopy Bay is in the process of creating some hats that can be worn in the cooler months.

“It’s important if we can to really think about not only warmth but sun protection but it’s a really hard message to get across.”

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