Five home interior trends that will be inescapable in 2024

All the home makeover inspiration you need for the new year.
London terrace redesigned by Cooper and Cooke
London terrace redesigned by Cooper and Cooke

With 2023 fast coming to an end, we’re now looking to 2024 for home inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a simple room refresh, to spruce up a rental, or for a complete home makeover – 2024 home interior trends are set to be fun and colourful.

Here’s five home interior trends that you can expect to see everywhere in 2024.

1. Swapping greys and neutrals for colour

In 2024, we’re going to be welcoming colour with open arms. After years of the “Millennial grey” and “sad beige”dominating home interiors, we can expect to see vibrant hues dominate next year. With the vivid Peach Fuzz colour being crowned Pantone colour of the year, we’re excited to see fun colours make their way back to interior decorating.

“Gone are the days of safe, neutral palettes. 2024 sees a surge in bold, expressive colours and patterns,” says Lisa Alward, author and Principal Interior Designer of Bella Vie Interiors.

Bright colours will overtake greys, beiges and neutrals in 2024.

“Vibrant hues, striking wallpapers, and textured fabrics add character and energy to spaces. This trend is particularly evident in statement pieces and accent walls, offering a lively contrast to more subdued base tones.”

You can inject colour into your home interior with more permanent solutions like wallpaper and tiles. Alternatively, you can peripherally add colour to your home with décor pieces, cushions and even plants.

Ambient lighting over harsh downlights

The verdict is in, harsh downlights are out. The wrong lighting can give your home an unwanted stark and cold feeling. In 2024, we’re going to see a shift from traditional overhead lights towards ambient lighting. 

A soft yellow or warm orange ambient lighting scheme can highlight interesting features in your home, plus gives each room a cosy-yet-balanced warmth.

2024 home interior trends
Ambient lighting as opposed to harsh downlights can transform a room.

Tech fusion in interior spaces

2024 home interior trends are also going to see the fusing of decor with technological functionality. This essentially means smart devices will be incorporated into everyday living spaces.

“Smart homes are becoming smarter. Australian interiors are increasingly integrating cutting-edge technology for enhanced comfort and convenience,” Lisa Alward says.

“Voice-controlled systems, automated lighting, and advanced security features are becoming standard in many homes, seamlessly blending with the overall design.”

One of the best examples of this is the Samsung Frame Television which converts into a bespoke piece of art when not in use.

The fusion of electronics and décor is the ultimate form of comfort and convenience.

Vintage and antiques for a unique touch

In a world where almost nothing is one-of-a-kind, in 2024 vintage and antiques are predicted to skyrocket as we look to add a unique touch back into home interiors.

It’s the ultimate way to inject your home with a reflection of your taste and personality. From more bespoke apps like Vinterior to Etsy and eBay – there are a mulitude of unique décor pieces at your fingertips online.

Better yet, local garage sales, auction houses and op-shops are teaming with utterly unique pieces to compliment your home.

2024 home interior trends
An antique is a charming and unique addition to compliment your home.

Prioritising sustainable and eco-friendly within the home

Whilst we have certainly become more and more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly choices within the home will take priority in 2024. This means that sustainably produced or energy-efficient, home décor and styling will be environmentally-forward in 2024.

“Sustainability is more than a buzzword in 2024,” Lisa Alward explains. “Australian homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs. Recycled materials, sustainable fabrics, and energy-saving appliances are becoming staples in modern Australian homes, reflecting a collective commitment to environmental responsibility.”

In 2024, Australians will be putting sustainability at the forefront of their home interior.

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