How to effortlessly nail the coastal home aesthetic

Transform your home into a blissful seaside dwelling.

Escaping to the tranquillity of the seaside doesn’t mean you have to go on holiday. You can bring the ethos of seaside living into the four walls of your home with a coastal decor makeover.

In the past, traditional beach-themed decor has included kitschy nautical-themed ornaments and factory-weathered furnishings. However, a more modern approach to coastal decor incorporates subtle elements such as calm-coloured palettes, furnishings made of natural materials and beach-themed motifs.

Here’s the lowdown on what coastal decor is, if it’s right for you and how to decorate your home with a beachy motif.

What is coastal style decor?

Taking its inspiration from the ocean, seaside dwellings and other nautical aspects, this seaside-inspired theme should evoke the same feeling of bliss and breeziness you would feel with the sand between your toes.

Coastal style decor should follow colour schemes that emanate what you would find in the natural landscapes surrounding the ocean such as whites, soft blues, greens, beige and natural timber.

“The right colour scheme and carefully chosen decor, you can create a seaside oasis in your own home,” Casey McPhail, co-owner of McPhails Furniture explains.

“Materials like wood, bamboo and wicker help create the feeling of a relaxed feel which is important when opting for coastal style décor. For instance, our Flinders dining suite – it strikes the perfect balance, offering sophistication while keeping the atmosphere light and relaxed.”

Coastal decor home styling tips

What are the hallmarks of coastal decor?

Coastal decor has unique and undeniable characteristics that you should keep in mind when selecting pieces for your home.

In comparison to beach-themed decor, which relies on overt ocean references and motifs, coastal styling is more subtle, tailored and refined. 

“It’s a palette of blues and greens, mirroring the water, ranging from delicate ‘Seafoam’ to deep ‘Ocean blue,’ set against a clean canvas of whites and neutrals,” says Jane Marling, Founder of Plant Resort.

“Furniture in this style is crafted from natural materials like light oak timbers, rattan, and even driftwood… Oversized pendant lights, often made of rattan, provide a warm, coastal glow,” Jane adds.

How to decorate a coastal home

If you want to inject the breeziness and bliss of seaside living into your home space, there are a few subtle choices you can make when it comes to furnishings and decor.

“The key to success is to balance the elements. Avoid overloading your space with too many beach-themed items, as it can become overwhelming,” Jane explains.

“Instead, select a few well-chosen pieces that resonate with the coastal vibe and blend them seamlessly into your overall decor.”

Besides traditional decor pieces, Jane also suggests that indoor plants can be an excellent addition to a coastal style decor, as they bring a touch of nature and a sense of relaxation to the space.

Jane recommends succulents, snake plants, birds of paradise and palm trees are subtle interior decorating nods to complement the coastal style.

“For those finishing touches, introduce subtle patterns like stripes and ocean-inspired prints on throw pillows, rugs, and wall art. These small details complete the coastal look without overwhelming the space,” Casey adds.

Whilst some may think that coastal style decor is out, incorporating more subtle nods to the theme is the perfect way to keep it timeless.

Five stylish coastal decor pieces for your home

Olan Shell Disc Vase

Cayman Rattan Hamptons Bedhead

Sandy Cape Linen Quilt Cover Set in Seaglass

Coco Shell Planter

Luminea Downs Rattan Pendant Light

Mezzotoni Rattan Bedside Table

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