How to make an Easter-themed table centrepiece

DIY Easter decorations kids and adults alike will love.
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Add a little craft and cheer to your Easter get together with a simple yet striking DIY project that the whole family can do together. These DIY pieces are super easy and suitable for children (with a little supervision from an adult), and will make an eye-catching Easter-themed table centrepiece.

Even better, all the pieces are all available for a super low price from The Reject Shop. So you’ll get more bunny for less money!

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

What you’ll need


  • Pen and paper

  • Gold spray paint

  • Gold acrylic paint (optional), all available from a selection at The Reject Shop

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

How to:

Step 1. Start by painting your plaster decorations.

Step 1.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 2. Next, paint your craft board gold. We used spray paint, but you can use what you have on hand.

Step 2.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 3. Once the craft board is dry, use hot glue to secure a small vase to the centre of the board.

Step 3.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 4. Glue the bunnies to the board clockwise at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm.

Step 4.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 5. Glue the plaster eggs between the bunnies. Add your pom poms and decorative eggs, layering them around the board using hot glue.

Step 5.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 6. Cut some small strips of paper and invite family and friends to write an Easter wish.

Step 6.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 7. Add your Easter branches to the vase and attach your Easter wishes.

Step 7.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Step 8. Place in the centre of your Easter-themed table with some extra paper strips and a pen. Continue inviting guests to write notes and add to your tree!

Step 8.

(Credit: Image: Handy With Scissors)

Brought to you by The Reject Shop.

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