This is why we’re switching to an electric family car

It’s time to make the switch to electric.

Buying an electric vehicle (EV) may not have been on your radar until now, but EVs have grown up and Australians are finally switching over, with sales doubling last year*.

In 2023 the smartest, most well designed cars on the market just so happen to be zero emission (or hybrid) vehicles. So perhaps this should be the year you start thinking seriously about joining the EV crew.

Among the very best of them are the MG ZS EV Essence, which is fully electric, and the transitional, hybrid MG HS + EV Essence. They’re everything a family wants in an SUV. Sleek and well designed, roomy enough to fit the family and a couple of small dogs, plus the kids’ sports gear.

Family Unit

MG Motor Australia is leading the way when it comes to encouraging families to move away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs. And with improved home-charging options and less maintenance they’re easy to own and fun to drive.

If you’re a family that need two cars, as a pair, the all-electric MG ZS EV Essence and the transitional, plug in hybrid MG HS + EV Essence enable you to become an all-electric family.

Plus, choosing the EV as your second car – which is much more likely to get used for short journeys – makes the transition easy if you’re still hesitant about buying electric.

“The MG ZS EV is capable of getting the kids to sports practice, through to the daily grind, the second vehicle has become a vital part of everyday life for many working families in Australia and deserves just as much appreciation as the main cars, which a MG HS + EV is perfectly suited to,” says Peter Ciao, MG Motor Australia Chief Executive Officer.

Style Meets Sustainability

An EV or plug in hybrid car is always going to be a greener option. And with all the environmental impacts of owning an ICE vehicle it makes sense to look at alternatives – there’s nothing like rapidly haemorrhaging money every time you visit the petrol station to put the winds of change up you.

Of course, the most important aspect of a car is how it drives, and the MG HS + EV Essence packs a punch. It has a combined power of 189kW and 370Nm – plenty of power for an SUV this size. You can get just over 50km of pure electric range from its 16.6kWh battery pack. And 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds. When battery power depletes, a petrol-powered engine takes over.

Similarly, the all electric MG ZS EV offers an exciting driving experience that simply cannot be matched by ICE vehicles when it comes to comfort and refinement. It has no smells, it’s quiet and drives with supreme smoothness. And unless you have driven one of these vehicles, you will never understand the thrill of experiencing low-end torque in complete silence.

Electric Dreams

As an EV owner, you need never visit a petrol station again. A ChargeHub at home makes it easy to start the day with a full battery and zero range anxiety.

While the range of the MG ZS EV is sufficient for daily use for most drivers at 320kms, an MG HS + EV Essence could be better suited for weekend getaways or long-distance road trips. However, the increasing availability of public or workplace charging stations makes it easier for EV owners to travel away from home.

“Recharging every day with the ZS EV and your MG HS + EV is especially simple if you have a ChargeHub, and starting each day with a full battery pack and zero range anxiety is easy. Comparatively, most ICE drivers must visit a petrol station when their tank is nearly empty,” Peter adds.

To celebrate the role of second cars, MG is offering families the chance to get a rebate on a MG ChargeHub on the purchase of their second car, visit here for more details.

Enjoy The Drive

Maintenance costs are considerably reduced with an EV compared to an ICE, too, since they have no spark plugs, timing belts, or oil to change. As an EV owner you’ll also find you replace the vehicle’s brake pads less frequently because regenerative brakes use the motor to assist in slowing down the car, reducing brake pad wear.

In addition, there are fewer moving parts in an EV, which means fewer things can break, reducing emergency repair costs.

With their improved environmental impacts, reduced fuel costs, increased efficiency and less maintenance, the new MGs are proof that you can be greener and still enjoy the drive.


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