The apps that will stop you from doom scrolling for hours on end

The internet is distractions galore - these apps will have you back on track.

Sometimes being on the internet can feel like you’re standing in the middle of the best amusement park on earth. With endless distractions, rabbit holes and entertainment – getting any real work done can be a total nightmare. One way to combat this dizzying labyrinth of distractions is to download productivity apps.

These apps can do everything from helping you organise your thoughts to creating agendas and blocking out interruptions (however fun and tempting they may be).

Here are some of the best productivity apps to keep yourself on track.


Is your folly doom scrolling? You jump on TikTok to watch ‘one or two videos’ only to look up and see an hour – or maybe two – have passed? 

Whilst in an ideal world, we could all just peel ourselves off these apps and get back to focusing on what we need to, it doesn’t always work that way.

AppBlock can set timed usage limits for certain apps so that once the time is up – the app is unusable until it resets. 

If you’re weary about downloading an app, iPhones also have this as a built-in feature. The only downside is, you can quickly overrule the time limit which isn’t always effective.


If your doom scrolling tendencies get the better of you – even on the computer, then you might need Freedom.

Just the simple act of checking an email or message can deter your work by up to 20 minutes. This app works to limit all distractions so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Freedom has multi-platform control, meaning that it works on both the phone and computer to limit distractions. The app is not free, you can pay $5 per month or a lifetime subscription for $150.


One of the most dreaded questions is ‘what’s for dinner?’ – closely followed by one of the most dreaded weekly tasks – grocery shopping.

AnyList is hailed as a game-changer when it comes to groceries and meal prepping for the week. The app allows you to add an inventory of recipes onto your phone. And, if you find an app you like online, you can use the browser extension to add it into the cache on your mobile. 

Then, using your inventory of recipes, you can easily build shopping lists based on what you’ve planned to eat for the week.


If your daily agenda is always a jumbled mess – or slips away from you altogether – you may need to invest in an app like Structured.

Structured is a daily planner that structures you day hour by hour. You can use it to have an overview of your day or as a way to carve out time for chores, studying or fitness.

Whilst there are thousands upon thousands of daily planner apps – even some that are built into your phone – Structured is hailed as the best, the easiest to use and the most efficient.

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