Is Rebecca Gibney an Australian or Kiwi at heart?

As she's appeared on Australian screens for decades, you may think that the ever-loved actress is one of our own... but you'd be wrong.
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Rebecca Gibney is well-loved across the nation of Australia, that we know for sure.

Appearing in Aussie television favourites from The Flying Doctor to Packed To The Rafters, it would be fair to assume that the talented and charming actress is one of our own… but she’s not.

Unfortunately, Kiwi’s are quick to claim Rebecca, as she was born there – in the city of Levin – and didn’t actually jump across the ditch to us until she was in her 20’s, when she landed her Australian television break-out role as Julie Davis in the children’s series Zoo Family in 1985.

The 58-year-old actress may be living in New Zealand, but she’s an Australian in our eyes.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram/rebeccagibney_))

Speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly, the Dunedin based actress is eager to claim herself as an Australian and a New Zealander, saying, “I’m lucky in that I have a foot in both camps. I was born in New Zealand but have spent more than half my life in Australia and I’m a proud Australian citizen as well.

“So, I consider myself a ‘Kozzi’ now. I owe much of my career to Australia and I honestly believe Kiwi’s and Ozzie’s are pretty

much the same underneath. Until it comes to the rugby. And pavlova.”

The 58-year-old ‘Kozzi’ will be making both of her countries citizen’s proud as she puts her voice behind an important campaign – Witchery’s 15th annual White Shirt Campaign in partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


Joining other notable names including Julie Bishop, Edwina Bartholomew and Sylvia Jeffreys, Rebecca has donned Witchery’s white shirt to encourage Australian and Kiwi females to purchase the wardrobe stable, as for every shirt sold, Witchery is donating 100% of gross proceeds to the OCRF, so they can continue funding researchers in the lab.

When asked why she wanted to support the cause, Rebecca revealed the impact that ovarian cancer has had on a loved one, saying, “my dear sister-in-law Annie lost her mum suddenly to ovarian cancer when it was discovered too late and Annie was devastated.

“If my being involved in the campaign can help prevent even one person from developing this type of cancer by raising awareness of it then I will be happy.”

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