Isla Fisher’s heartbreak over the death of her father

''I know this pain is going to get worse''
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Isla Fisher has announced the sad passing of her father, Brian Fisher, affectionately known as Poppa Fish.

The 46-year-old took to her Instagram to post a photo of her dad, who has passed at the age of 85.

She captioned the snap with a heartfelt tribute, writing “How do you live without someone you can’t live without?

“How lucky am I to have had you as my dad. You were hilarious, positive, and my best friend. I know this pain is going to get worse as the days between when I last saw you increase and that is very scary.

“I love you so much. Thank you for being the greatest dad.”

A ‘throwback’ photo of the successful actress with her father.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

Speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly in November 2022, the Perth-raised actress detailed her childhood years, explaining that her father’s humourous side was a bit part of her up-bringing, “…comedy was always a currency at home. My dad has a brilliant sense of humour. He’s very Monty Python-esque.”

Her father, who was a United Nations economist, hailed from Scotland, as did her mother, who Brian separated from when Isla was nine years old.

The family landed in Perth when Isla was six and a half years old.

Isla, her equally talented husband Sacha Baron Cohen, and their three kids lived in Australia until recently, moving here in 2020.

Isla was said to have a very close relationship with her Scottish father.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

With a very impressive list of film and TV credits, Isla has worked alongside – and developed friendships – with a multitude of A-list celebrities, who have voiced their support to Isla following the news of Brian’s passing.

On Isla’s Instagram post that announced the loss of her dad, Reese Witherspoon commented: “Oh friend. I’m so so sorry. I know how much you left (sic) your daddy. Sending you all my angels.”

(Credit: (Image: Peter Brew-Bevan for The Australian Women’s Weekly))

Fellow Australian actress Naomi Watts also gave love to Isla, “This is heartbreaking news. I know how close you were. Sending big love,” she wrote.

Gal Gadot, Alyssa Milano and Julia Morris were also notable names to comment on the post with their messages of condolences.

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