Everything you need to know about Robbie Williams’ new Netflix documentary

Including five of the biggest revelations made in it.

A brand new documentary series delving into the life and career of Robbie Williams has dropped exclusively on Netflix.

The four-part docuseries – aptly titled Robbie Williams – chronicles the Let Me Entertain You singer’s life from his time in Take That through to his successful solo career.

From Robbie Williams’ feud with Gary Barlow to his breakup with Geri Halliwell, read on to learn everything you need to know about the Robbie Williams documentary including five of the biggest revelations made in it.

Robbie Williams’ feud with Take That bandmate Gary Barlow

Robbie Williams revealed that he ‘disliked’ his Take That bandmate, Gary Barlow in the documentary. In a scene where Robbie was looking back at archival footage of Take That, his daughter asks him who he hated the most in the band.

“I disliked Gary the most because he was the one that was supposed to have everything and the career,” Robbie says to his daughter.

“And I wanted to make him pay. I was vengeful. By having the career that he was supposed to have.” However, Robbie also clarified that he was “regretful” over his past words and treatment of Gary.

Robbie and Gary’s feud first kicked off when Robbie was ejected from the boy band that had launched him into fame in 1995, which subsequently set off his solo career. However, Robbie admits that his solo career didn’t explode immediately.

Angels saved Robbie Williams from being dropped by his record label

Robbie was self-admittedly grappling with his drug and alcohol addiction following the departure from Take That. After a brief stint in rehab, Robbie revealed that he had discovered he was on the brink of being dropped by his record label after several of his singles had failed to take off. Recognising this, Robbie sat down and penned the track that changed the trajectory of his career – Angels.

“Thank God for that,” Robbie says, “Everything changed.”

Robbie Williams broke up with Geri Halliwell over ‘betrayal’

By 2000, Robbie Williams, who was arguably one of Britain’s biggest stars, began dating former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell. Robbie says in the documentary that the pair found a deep connection with one another over quitting their respective pop groups.

“It was a very confusing relationship, because she’s a girl and I’m a boy, we are very good friends trying to sort out the wreckage of the past,” Robbie says.

“I just found her company very, very easy.”

However, around this time, Robbie began being stalked relentlessly by paparazzi – even in intensely private moments. Robbie confesses that a paparazzo told him that it was Geri who was tipping off the paparazzi.

“Now I don’t think that’s true for one second,” Robbie says. “But at the time I did believe it.” The singer clarified that his inability to “trust anybody” led to the demise of their relationship.

Robbie Williams broke up with now-wife Ayda Field over the phone

Robbie married his wife of 13 years, Ayda Field, back in 2010. However, according to the documentary, Robbie broke up with Field over a brief phone call early on in their relationship. Robbie explains that he had severely relapsed into drug use when his management staged an intervention and admitted him for rehabilitation.

“I remember it was 2am and I called him and I was like, ‘I am just getting on the highway’ and he’s like, ‘Are you driving? Call me when you get home’,” Ayda recalls in the documentary.

“And he is like, ‘I can’t be in a relationship, I have to get better and I can’t be with you. I have to break up with you.'”

Ayda says that even though Robbie was her “soul mate” all she wanted for the singer was to get better.

What is the documentary about?

Aptly coinciding with the 25th anniversary of his solo career, Robbie Williams will take fans on a two-decade journey from Robbie’s meteoric rise to fame as well as all the career highs and lows and media scrutiny in between. 

The documentary is set to feature hundreds of hours of previously unseen personal archival footage from Robbie himself.

Directed by Emmy and Bafta-nominated director Joe Pearlman, who was also behind the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special last year, the doco is broken up into four hour-long parts.

When is Robbie Williams’ documentary out?

Robbie Williams’ documentary is set to be released on November 8, premiering exclusively on Netflix at 7pm AEDT.

Is there a trailer for Robbie Williams’ documentary?

Eager fans looking for a teaser can watch the trailer.

“It’s astounding what’s happened in my life,” Robbie can be heard saying in the documentary. “But the past has me in a headlock. Something has to give.”

Reflecting on his time in Take That, Robbie says in the official trailer, “I was at the centre of the pop culture world”.

“I felt like I was giving more and more of myself away to the point where you’re not somebody you recognise,” the singer says. “Being in the spotlight, you can’t trust anybody.”

Whilst the trailer largely revolves around Robbie’s career, the short clip also briefly features his wife of 13 years, Ayda Field and gives fans a small glimpse into his life as a father of four children.

Is Robbie Williams touring Australia?

Not only does Robbie Williams’ documentary coincide with his 25th anniversary of his solo career, but the release will also coincide with the singer’s return to Australia.

Robbie Williams is set to tour Australia from 16 November to 1 December for the Robbie Williams XXV tour to promote his recent album XXV – a reflection on his 25 years as a solo artist.

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