Samantha Armytage has no regrets about the craziest thing she’s done for love

From her childhood crush, to the first number on her speed dial, the host of Farmer Wants A Wife answers our 'finish this sentence' questions.
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Samantha Armytage, host of Farmer Wants A Wife answers a round of The Weekly’s ‘Finish This Sentence…’

The best thing about being a farmer’s wife is… Living in and making your living from, nature.

The worst job on the farm is… Working nightshift and waiting for foals to be born! Although when the foals are born, they’re so cute you forget how tired you are.

My childhood crush was… Tom Burlinson in ANY horse related role he played. I adored him in as Jim Craig in the Man From Snowy River.

Samantha Armytage is back playing cupid for her second season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

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The craziest thing I’ve done for love was…Transition my huge, busy life in the city, to the country. But it was well worth it!

Growing up I thought I would be… A vet or a physiotherapist. I didn’t get the marks at school to be either.

The best advice I ever received was… That people who bully you, are usually jealous; it doesn’t matter whether your 16, or 46.

My friends would say I am… Fun, highly creative and fiercely loyal.

Sam and her farmer husband, Richard.

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My guilty pleasure is… Those cheese singles wrapped in plastic. I call them plastic cheese and they are! I try not to eat them often, as I’m sure they’re not very good for you.

My greatest achievement is… Rolling the dice and choosing happiness and peace, over a big job.

The first person on my speed dial is… My husband Rich of course.

Samantha Armytage is hosting the new series of Farmer Wants A Wife, coming to Seven on Easter Monday (10 April).

You can read this story and many others in the April issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly – on sale now.

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