Grace Tame confessed she didn’t know what love was before meeting fiancé Max Heerey

''He’s the love of my life, my actual soulmate.''
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She was named Australian of the Year in 2021, now Grace Tame plans to add another title to her long list of accolades: wife.

The 28-year-old childhood sexual abuse advocate announced on January 22 2022 that her longtime partner Max Heerey had popped the question during a bike ride.

Never one to mince her words, Grace told him “OATH YES!” and shared their exciting news with the world on Instagram and Twitter.

Grace Tame announced her surprise engagement to Max Heerey in January 2022.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))

“Love you forever and ever angel man🤍😭✨” she captioned a photo showing off a unique sapphire engagement ring while Max kissed her head.

“Huge thank-you to @jordanngrech / @tenderscars for designing the most exquisite sapphire ring 🙏🏼”

Another picture showed the moment Max got down on one knee while an emotional Grace said yes – all with their bike helmets still on.

Grace joked of the photo: “And [thank you] to my cousin Eloise (Weasy bun) for capturing the surprise from the bushes on our ride this morning haha. We’re over the moon 🌙 xxx”

She also shared a close-up of her one-of-a-kind ring, which features an ethically sourced natural Queensland sapphire set in 14 carat white gold.

Famous friends flooded Grace’s announcement with messages of congratulations, including Lisa Wilkinson who wrote: “Huge congrats to you Grace and that amazing man of yours. So happy for you both. Xxx👏👏👏❤️”

But who is the amazing man who will soon be calling Grace his wife?

Max is, according to Grace, the love of her life and “actual soulmate” as well as being one of her biggest supporters in her advocacy work.

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Max is the person who helped Grace understand exactly what true love is after they met in 2020, following her move home to Tasmania.

“I know it sounds trite and soppy, but I couldn’t give less of a f–k about that. Because, yeah, I know what love is now,” the activist told Marie Claire in May 2021.

“I’d known it in a platonic way and in a familial way, but not this kind of love. And we’ve both been in long-term relationships before.

Her ring features an ethically sourced natural Queensland sapphire set in 14 carat white gold.

(Credit: (Instagram))

“I was even married [to American actor Spencer Breslin]. But I’m already closer to Max than I was to my husband, and we’ve only been together for five months.”

Max has made his respect, admiration and adoration for Grace known countless times on social media, where he regularly shares posts dedicated to her.

In honour of their beautiful relationship, we’ve collected some of Grace and Max’s best moments together below.

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(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Grace’s affection for Max was obvious from the get-go, as evidenced in this snap which was one of the first pictures she ever shared with him on social media.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


“Always looking out for me—my angel man, my love, my home 🤍 A rare shot of me taking my eyes off you x” Grace captioned this romantic sunset shot.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


This tender moment was caught between the couple at a friend’s wedding in NSW in early 2021.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Max is always by Grace’s side, even as she attends events as a speaker – like the one where this photo was taken.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Max couldn’t take his eyes off Grace at another friend’s wedding in 2021.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


“Absolute saint you are, darls @maxheerey hehe 😘🖤❤️🤍 x” Grace captioned this photo on the Sydney harbour.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


And this image was captioned: “You’re everything, darl. Love you mountains xx”

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Not only are they partners in life, Max and Grace are partners in business too – they run The Grace Tame Foundation together.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Grace shared this intimate photo with the caption: “Another lap of the moon around this earth; another month of my little world revolving around you.”

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


The work they do is incredibly important, but Grace and Max still make plenty of time for fun and normalcy.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


There’s no denying they’re a true blue Australian duo.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


“You have done and continue to do an amazing job… I am so proud of you,” Max captioned this picture with Grace.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


After getting engaged in January 2022, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Grace and her husband-to-be.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


In April 2022, the two attended a friends wedding and shared some photos of them celebrating the love together.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


The way Max looks at Grace is with wholehearted love.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


On May 7, 2022, Grace uploaded this snap with the heartfelt caption; “Me in Mum’s old dress. You in my hat. Us together in each other’s arms. Lovers. Best friends. Family. Sharing everything. Sharing the world. Thanks for standing by me.”

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Grace and Max made a rare red-carpet appearance in April 2023 for the Australian premiere of Asking For It, and they looked as in love as ever, from the cute shoulder-cuddle to the gazing into each others eyes!

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