Who has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia 2024 so far?

A complete guide…

MasterChef Australia is finally back on our screens, serving up the series’ 16th season.

With judges Andy Allen, Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin and Jean-Christophe Novelli ready to critique the dishes, the competition is intense and the pressure immense.

But, as each contestant strives to impress with their unique culinary creations, not everyone can make it to the next round…

Continue reading for a complete list of who has left this year’s MasterChef Australia.

Khristian Walker, 26, VIC

The self-confessed Jamie Oliver super fan left the MasterChef kitchen after failing to recreate judge Jean Christophe-Novelli’s intricate ‘Jack-In-The-Box’ dessert. Speaking with 10Play after his elimination he had no hard feelings.

“Desserts are not my forte, as much as I love eating them and making them,” Khristian said.

“[But] it was a privilege to recreate [Jean Christophe-Novelli’s] dish.”

Jonathan Hooper, 29, NSW

Self-described “Nonna’s boy” Jonathan bowed out in an elimination round task when contestants were asked to recreate one of Andy Allen’s mum’s favourite retro family meals.

In an interview with 10Play he shared: “I probably wasn’t in the best headspace for that [challenge]… I was really, really homesick. I wanted to be home and I think it came across in my food.”

“I don’t think I appreciated how much of a mental game [MasterChef] is,” Jonathan said.

“People have to give up so much to be there, you’re away from your family and friends… Unless you’re in a really good headspace and you can maintain that throughout the show, it’s very easy to come undone.”

Steph Griffen, 28, QLD

Food Event Planner Steph Griffen made a simple mistake in guest judge Jamie Oliver’s challenge, which cost her MasterChef dreams. Contestants had to follow Jamie as he cooked his Dad’s signature ‘Trevor’s Chicken’ dish, without a recipe in front of them. Speaking with 10Play after the elimination she shared her experience.

“I think those nerves got the better of me, I was too much in my head,” Steph said.

“During the cook, I made one wrong move and I knew then I was screwed,” she continued. I was almost like, why even bother to continue?”

James Holmes, 38, WA

Primary School Teacher and foodie James Holmes was the first to leave the MasterChef kitchen. Reflecting on his time in the kitchen, James shared how he felt about the challenge.

“It’s a funny old thing to look back at because I was feeling great,” James said with a laugh. “I was so pleased with the dish, maybe I was more pleased with the completion of it and the enjoyment of being there.

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