5 French cities to watch the Summer Olympics in that aren’t Paris

Want to watch the Olympics but don't want to go to Paris? Keep reading for travel inspiration.

The Paris 2024 Olympics are fast approaching and the French capital is set to be inundated with 15 million spectators flocking from around the globe. If you’re a sport fanatic but the idea of busy crowds and inflated prices is off-putting, then why not enjoy the Olympics from outside of Paris? From Soccer to Basketball, you don’t need to be in Paris to be part of the Olympics fun. Here are places to travel to watch the Olympics that aren’t Paris.



Soccer: 24 July to 9 August

If you’re a soccer fanatic, head to the beautiful city of Lyon to catch a game or two. If you want to cheer on the Matildas, you’ll need to head to Nice or Marseille instead.

Apart from hosting soccer matches for the Summer Olympics, Lyon is also considered the gastronomical epicentre of France. With a vibrant nightlife and mix of rich history and modernism, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy during your stay.

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Soccer: 24 July to 31 July

If you’re wanting to catch the Matildas play during the Olympics, then head to Nice. The seaside city will see the Tillies face off with Zambia on July 28.

When you’re not spectating, you’ll find yourself enthralled with Nice’s endless trove of adventure-fuelled experiences. From clear blue ocean waters to rock climbing, you won’t be short of memorable experiences in Nice.

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Basketball: July 27 to August 4 & Handball: August 6 to 11

The French city of Lille will be hosting both basketball and handball in July and August. Characterised by a blend of Flemish and French influences, Lille is a hub of gastronomy and culture.

Whilst France is known for its excellent wine, Lille is particularly known for beer, so be sure to squeeze in a brewery tour during your visit. As for your culture fix, stop by the LaM Museum to see works by Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani and Joan Miró.

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Soccer: July 24 to August 2

If you’re a sport and wine lover that has always wanted to visit France, now’s your chance! Olympic soccer matches will be held in Bordeaux, France’s most famous wine region. The city will be hosting a number of men’s and women’s preliminary and quarter final matches.

When you’re not catching a game, be sure to stop by one of the 6000 vineyards that surround the iconic region.

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Shooting: July 27 to August 5

Nestled amongst the Loire Valley is the town of Châteauroux, which is overlooked by a stunning 10th century Château. Here, you’ll be able to watch the Olympics shooting competition from July 27 to August 5.

You’ll keep busy in cc with a range of adventurous activities like swimming in the Parc de Belle-Isle lake or catching a glimpse of the Camille Claudel sculpture in the Bertrand Museum.

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