King Charles’ Christmas speech praises those who serve and care for others

"They are an essential backbone of our society."

In an annual royal Christmas tradition, King Charles III has delivered his second Christmas day address since stepping into the role of British reigning monarch.

King Charles’ Christmas speech focussed on those in the community who have served and continue to serve those less fortunate “at a time of real hardship for many.”

In a big year for the royal family, Charles has not only launched The Coronation Food Project but has been a staunch advocate for climate change, continuing to place himself on the front line of environmental awareness; a role in which Prince William also seems to be stepping into proudly.

While the speech aired, it was paired with footage from the royal families’ various public appearances and royal engagements over the year, including volunteering efforts from Princess Catherine and her children.

King Charles and Queen Camilla at Sandringham for Christmas day church service.

What did King Charles say in his Christmas broadcast?

This year, the King used his platform to push a message of environmental action, community service and world peace.

“It is also a time when we remember those who are no longer with us and think also of those whose work of caring for others continues, even on this special day” he said.

“This care and compassion we show to others is one of the themes of the Christmas story, especially when Mary and Joseph were offered shelter in their hour of need by strangers, as they waited for Jesus to be born.”

The King continued to acknowledge these individuals as the “essential backbone of our society”, admitting that their presence at his coronation in May 2023 “emphasized the meaning of Coronation itself: above all, a call to us all to serve one another; to love and care for all.”

Prince William and Princess Catherine with their children at Sandringham.

Charles continued to discuss the importance of the Christmas story and what it teaches us in relation to caring for our planet.

“During my lifetime I have been so pleased to see a growing awareness of how we must protect the Earth and our natural world as the one home which we all share. I find great inspiration now from the way so many people recognize this—as does the Christmas Story, which tells us that angels brought the message of hope first to shepherds. These were people who lived simply amongst others of God’s creatures. Those close to nature were privileged that night…”

Of course the conflicts experienced globally were also acknowledged by the King, as he implored us “to imagine ourselves in the shoes of our neighbors, and to seek their good as we would our own.”

Just before ending the annual broadcast, King Charles wished those watching, “A Christmas of ‘peace on Earth and goodwill to all’, today and always.”

What time is the King’s Christmas speech 2023?

The speech was pre-recorded in the Central Room at Buckingham Palace (Charles stood in front of a Christmas tree), and aired at 3pm GMT on Christmas Day.

Of course, while the speech was being broadcasted, the King himself was at Sandringham House with the rest of the royal family.

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