As Christmas approaches, The Princess of Wales takes George, Charlotte and Louis volunteering

Just like the late Princess Diana did with Prince William when he was young...
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Christmas is a time of giving and for The Princess of Wales that meant taking Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis for an evening of volunteering.

The three Wales siblings visited ‘The Baby Bank’ in Maidenhead last month, where they packed gift bags as part of the Christmas Pyjama appeal and referral bags for local families in need.

In a new video released by Kensington Palace we can see an excited Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis arriving by car on a chilly dark English evening and carrying in their own bags of goodies for the charity. They take them into a brightly lit warehouse filled with shelves of toys, books, clothes and more that have been donated by locals.

princess catherine princess charlotte baby banks
Image Credit: Will Warr

“Here there’s lots of people who give up their time and lots of volunteers who come and help out and so you’re the volunteers for this evening,” Catherine explains to her three children who soon throw themselves into a busy night of sorting and packing, warming to the task of picking presents for children of their own age.

“This is a big guy,” says an eager Prince Louis choosing a toy gorilla to add to one of his bags.

The royal siblings are dressed casually for their volunteering expedition, the boys in jeans and Charlotte in a denim skirt and tights.

prince george baby banks
Image Credit: Will Warr

Prince William was taken along to homeless shelter charities by his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales when he was young and has often talked of the transformative influence of those visits and how he wants to ensure his children experience the same and learn the importance of giving back and using their privileged positions to help struggling members of society.

This visit followed the launch of an initiative at the end of November by The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood to support families with young children in the lead up to Christmas, part of Catherine’s ongoing work in the field of early years’ support.

With a quarter of families with a child under five years of age living in poverty in the UK, Baby Banks provide a vital lifeline for those in all sorts of challenging circumstances. Catherine is keen to show her children that supporting parents and carers, who are doing their best to provide for their families, is essential and can have a life-changing effect.

prince louis baby banks
Image Credit: Will Warr

Having packed gift bags George, Charlotte and Louis then set about the job of sorting piles of clothes. “All these bags are donations and then we go and sort them and put them in all the boxes,” Catherine advised her children.

Charlotte especially is a dab hand at sorting and folding and is delighted when she spots a baby onesie with a Welsh design on it.

“George wants to come back so that’s good,” notes Catherine. “You can see how rewarding this kind of work is, knowing that you’re helping out others,” she tells George who is clearly in agreement.

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