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All the times King Charles III has been on the Australian Women’s Weekly cover

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King Charles III, the heir to the British throne, has been a regular fixture on the cover of the Australian Women’s Weekly over the years. From his early days as a dashing young prince to his more recent appearances as a mature monarch-in-waiting, the magazine has chronicled his life in words and pictures. With his charming smile, regal bearing, and sense of duty, King Charles has captured the hearts of Australians, and The Weekly has been there every step of the way.

In this article, we’ll take a look back at all the times King Charles III has graced the cover of this iconic magazine, and reflect on his enduring popularity among readers.


A photo with Queen Elizabeth II from King Charles III’s christening gracing the cover on February 19, 1949.


The young royal pictured with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the cover June 18, 1949.


On January 21, 1950 the royal mother and son were featured together.


They are joined by Prince Philip and Princess Anne on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly on June 10, 1959.


The young King Charles III pictured with the Queen Mother on the April 20, 1966 cover.


On the June 11, 1969 cover, the young King Charles III is pictured on his own for the first time.


A photo from his investiture features on the July 16, 1969 cover.


The young royal siblings are pictured on the October 15, 1969 cover of The Weekly.


The royal brother and sister are featured together again on the April 8, 1970 cover.


The young King Charles III is on tour and featured on the October 30, 1974 cover.


King Charles III was sporting a new look on the June 18, 1975 cover of The Weekly.


The October 15, 1975 cover of The Weekly highlights the dapper young royal.


A regal King Charles III appeared on the August 18, 1976 cover.


Upclose for his November 17, 1976 cover.


Prior to his Australian tour, King Charles III was featured on the October 26, 1977 cover of The Weekly.


The 30-year-old royal is on the November 8th, 1978 cover in full uniform.


A candid moment on Bondi Beach was the cover story on April 4th, 1979.


An exclusive with then Prince Charles featured on the October 13, 1979 cover of The Weekly.


King Charles III ‘clowning’ around on the February 27, 1980 cover.


A young Princess Diana featured on the March 11, 1981 cover with King Charles III.


Here is the April 22, 1981 cover featuring a windswept King Charles III.


The June 3, 1981 cover of The Weekly featured the young royal couple.



The August 12, 1981 cover featuring the young royal couple.


The royal wedding of King Charles III and Princess Diana featured on the August 19, 1981 commemorative cover.


King Charles III pictured on the royal baby special on the April 28, 1982 issue of The Weekly.


Starring on his first cover of The Weekly was the newly born Prince William, on July 21, 1982.


The August 25, 1982 cover was a special christening collector’s edition.

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