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King Charles has second coronation in Scotland

Here are all the details!
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Almost two months since King Charles III was officially crowned as the King of England at his coronation – the first historic event of its kind since Charles’ mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned during her own coronation in 1953 – another similar event has taken place.

But this time in Scotland!

King Charles has taken part in a second coronation in Scotland.

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The government of Scotland honoured the crowning of King Charles and Queen Camilla on July 5 – during Scotland’s ‘Royal Week’ – with special processions and a church service in Edinburgh.

The event was essentially another coronation but with an unmistakable Scottish twist.

It began with the Honours of Scotland – which includes the crown of King James V of Scotland, a sceptre and a sword of state – being collected by a People’s Procession “involving around 100 people representing aspects of Scottish life” from Edinburgh Castle.

This procession, along with the Royal Regiment of Scotland (the only Scottish line infantry of the British Army), then made its way to St. Giles’ Cathedral.

WATCH: The Royal Family appear on the balcony after King Charles III’s coronation (Article continues after video)

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Meanwhile, a Royal Procession also travelled to St Giles’ Cathedral from the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Members of the public were able to watch both processions along the Royal Mile.

Once inside the cathedral, a National Service of Thanksgiving took place and King Charles was presented with the Honours of Scotland; although Charles didn’t receive the exisiting sword in the suite – which was originally gifted to James IV by Pope Julius in 1507 – because it’s now too fragile. Instead, he was presented with a new ceremonial sword of state that’s been dubbed the ‘Elizabeth Sword’, after his mother.

Following the service, a 21-gun salute was fired from Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Procession headed back to the Palace of the Holyroodhouse.

Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princess Catherine also attended the ‘Scottish coronation.’

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Then to conclude the event, a flypast was performed overhead by the Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force.

Prince William and Princess Catherine – who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland – were also in attendance at this momentous occasion.

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