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Crown Princess Mary’s children tease her for this particular Australian trait

Denmark's Crown Princess Mary has held onto her Australian roots, and her children are teasing her for it!
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Thanks to a resurfaced video circling on TikTok, we have been treated to a hilariously cute moment of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s four children teasing their mother’s Australian accent.

The two daughters and two sons made a rare TV appearance in February 2022 in honour of their mother’s 50th birthday and took the chance to poke fun at her Australian accent.

WATCH: Princess Mary’s children make fun of her Aussie accent

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Speaking candidly about their Tasmanian-born mother for a Danish documentary, the children revealed they had inherited her sense of humour.

“She has an Australian accent, so there are some words she says a bit funny,” explained Princess Isabella, 15, in Danish, adding that the whole family teases Mary for her pronunciation.

Prince Christian, 17, added: “Sometimes, if she wants to say ‘put the dog in its basket’, it always turns into, ‘the dog lies in its hook’.”

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik have a tight family unit.

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Mary and Crown Prince Frederik’s youngest children, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, also teased their mother in a clip shared to the Danish palace’s Instagram.

“She tries to pronounce right at home,” Vincent, 12, confessed as his sister jokingly mimicked Mary’s accent.

But the children also had plenty of praise for their mother, celebrating her incredible work ethic as Crown Princess and future Queen Consort of Denmark.

They shared details of their home life with Mary, revealing that the 51-year-old is a perfectionist when it comes to preparing for her royal duties.

Christian said his mother is deeply passionate about her work, Isabella confirming that everything “has to be perfect” when Mary is planning speeches in Danish.

Vincent chimed in: “I’ve sometimes come into her office and seen her really concentrated [writing a speech].”

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