Mia Tindall is all grown up in new photos, but does she look more like Zara or Mike Tindall?

She has dad's cheeky smile and mum's strong features.
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Royal watchers only get the rare glimpse of Zara Tindall’s eldest daughter Mia, but the now nine-year-old certainly shows likeliness to her mother and grandmother, Princess Anne, when we do get to see her.

Zara and husband Mike’s eldest was last pictured on Christmas Day as she attended the service at St Mary Magdalene Church with her immediate family and other royal family members.

Mia on Christmas Day, 2022.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

Prior to that, Mia was seen having a ball as she rode on a carousel at the 2022 Festival of British Eventing in August.

Other photos showed her playing with her two younger siblings, Lucas, one, and Lena, four.

You can see the likeliness when all three of them are photographed together!

Mia has a big smile!

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

Mia is clearly a doting older sister.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

Zara and Mike typically choose to keep their children, who do not carry HRH royal titles, out of the spotlight and away from the cameras.

But as Mia as seen more and more often in public, it’s proving that their little girl is beginning to grow up, as she’s looking more like her parents with every passing day.

The youngster appears to have inherited her mother’s blonde hair and strong features, though there are undoubtedly hints of her father in her too.

Mia has clearly inherited some of her features from her mother Zara, pictured here when she was a child.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

It looks like Mia has also picked up a love of horses from mum Zara, who had a successful equestrian career and even won silver at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Her mother, Princess Anne, presented her with the medal and was a keen equestrian in her own time too.

In fact, Mia’s newfound passion for horses is an interest she shares with several key members of the royal family, including the late Queen and even the late Prince Philip.

Though she only knew her great-grandmother for eight short years, Mia will be carrying on her legacy if she continues to show an affinity for horses as she grows into a young lady.

Mia shares many features of her grandmother Princess Anne.

(Credit: IMAGE: Getty)

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