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The best travel spots for big groups

Come one, come all!
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Travelling solo, or with a partner can be an enriching experience but there’s also something special about bringing along the whole family or a bunch of your closest friends for a trek across the globe. Group trips are by no means an easy feat to coordinate and organise, and perhaps the hardest decision of all is deciding where to go. You may have a bucket-list travel destination that your group has set their hearts on, but if you’re looking for travel inspiration, then read on for the best group holiday destinations.

Best group holiday destinations

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New Zealand

When going on a group trip, it can be tricky to balance everyone’s interests all in one spot, which is why New Zealand is the perfect group holiday destination. For the adventure-lovers, there’s an abundance of hikes, swimming, skiing and other thrilling activities on offer. For the foodies, there’s an endless swathe of fine-dining experiences, vineyards and culinary delights.

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Japan is another underrated group travel destination. A melting pot of culture, technology, art and dining, every single one of your senses will be enriched in Japan – no matter what city you visit. Not only will Japan satisfy your appetite for travel, but it’s the perfect spot to accommodate larger travel groups. The major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto have an incredible network of public transport, meaning your group can get around the city with ease. As well as this, accommodation in Japan typically have communal dining spaces, hot springs, and tatami rooms – all of which are perfect for groups.

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With an abundance of adventurous outdoor activities to offer, Iceland is a destination that is best experienced with a group. From hiking trails to geothermal hot springs and of course, the northern lights, Iceland is brimming with fun and exciting group experiences.

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Tapas is best enjoyed with a group of people you love the most, and why not enjoy tapas authentically on a trip to Spain? With beaches galore and an abundance of immersive cultural experiences, Spain is a great holiday spot for groups of travellers. If you’re a wine-lover, you’re also in luck, Spain is bursting with delectable vineyards that are peppered all over the country and makes for an excellent group day trip.

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Thailand is another spot that caters to larger travel groups. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the dreamy white beaches of the islands scattered around the country, there is a little something to satisfy everyone in your party. You won’t need to worry about finding restaurants to accommodate your large group, instead pull up a chair at a vendor and indulge in Thailand’s swathe of mouth-watering street food.

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