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The best road trips to do around Australia

Pack your bags and strap in.

There is nothing more wholesome and enriching than taking a road trip. Unlike flying to your holiday spot, taking a road trip is about enjoying the journey as well as the destination. Whether it’s picking up stories to tell and memories to last a lifetime or bonding with family and friends as you journey across this great big country – we’re spoiled for choice here in Australia when it comes to setting off on road trips. 

So, pack your bags and strap in as we look across some of the best road trips you can take across Australia.

Eyre Peninsula – South Australia

600 kilometres down the Lincoln Highway from Adelaide is Eyre Peninsula. Eyre Peninsula boasts exquisite crystal clear waters, dreamy beaches and a relaxing atmosphere.

However, this is definitely a case of the journey being just as good as the destination. On your road trip to Eyre Peninsula, stop in and see the incredible pink-hued Lake Bumbunga, the white sands of Port Augusta and the wondrous formations of Alligator Gorge.

Coral Coast Highway – Western Australia

The Coral Coast Highway in Western Australia is truly a trek that is worth the wait. Though the entire drive is estimated to take 12 hours, it’s recommended to set aside at least a week to explore the natural wonders along the Coral Coast Highway.

If the drive seems daunting, you’ll have a stunning coast that stretches 1,250km, dreamy white sand beaches to stare out the windows at and world heritage listed sites to explore.

The Great Ocean Road – Victoria

It’s arguably the most iconic and scenically aesthetic road trip you can take in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road stretches over 660 km and takes almost 10 hours to drive end-to-end.

As you drive along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll see the stunning seasides that hug the Victorian coast, as well as the wondrous 12 Apostles.

The Barrier Highway – New South Wales

The best way to experience the outback of New South Wales is to trek it on a road trip. This journey is not for the faint of heart – it’ll take you about twelve hours to get from Sydney onto the Barrier Highway which will take you directly to Broken Hill at the New South Wales border.

Along the way, you’ll be greeted with iconic and historical towns like Bathurst and Dubbo, wildlife and of course, the iconic red soil of the outback.

Western Wilds – Tasmania

Tasmania is a well-known destination for having long, winding roads and beautiful scenery – a combination that makes for a perfect road trip. 

Spanning an impressive 1200 km, the Western Wilds is a drive that follows Tasmania’s scenic and rugged coastline. You’ll be in for making some life-long memories as you take in the spectacular scenery of Lake St. Clair, Gordon River and Cradle Mountain.

Katherine – Northern Territory

If you find yourself in the Northern Territory looking for a short road trip – this is the perfect trek for you. Just 3.5 hours along the Stuart Highway from Darwin is Katherine. 

Along the drive, be sure to stop in at Litchfield National Park, Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge and the various water holes and natural hot springs the area has to offer.

Great Tropical Drive – Queensland

The Great Tropical Drive is a self-guided driving tour of the northern part of Queensland. With 26 different routes and experiences to pick from, you can totally cater your drive depending on whether you want to explore rainforests, gorges, beaches, or the outback.

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