You can now buy the hairdresser’s secret to year-round shiny hair

At-home hair glossing is about to be everywhere, here's what you need to know.

There’s no feeling that beats walking out of the salon with the most luscious, enviable shiny hair. If you’re a regular in the salon chair, you’ll be all too familiar with hair gloss treatments, but for those who don’t know, a hair gloss is a salon treatment that leaves your mane shiny and your colour protected.

Up until recently, if you wanted a gloss treatment, you had to find time in your busy schedule to get it done at the hairdresser. But now, you can gloss your hair from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

What does a gloss do for your hair?

A hair gloss is basically a colourant and shine booster rolled into one treatment. It’s a semi-permanent treatment that works by coating and sealing the hair cuticle to protect your colour and give the hair a glossy texture and look.

“A gloss is generally a gentle formula that is typically more hydrating than a permanent colour treatment,” explains hair expert and salon owner of Natural Image Hair Arrianne Kia.

“This treatment in the salon is ammonia-free and leaves your hair shiny, smooth and evens out the colour for a polished look,” Arrianne explains. “It’s generally recommended for clients who get foils as a touch-up or an express service between appointments.”

Can I gloss my hair myself?

Whether you’re a regular in the salon chair or the sound of a hair gloss entices you, the good news is that you can now do this fabulous treatment yourself at home.

Most recently, cult haircare brand OUAI has released a home-friendly hair gloss so that you can have enviable, shiny hair even when you can’t make it to the salon.

“Getting to the salon isn’t always possible. We wanted to create an at-home gloss for when you can’t get to the salon or in-between salon visits,” explains Diana Pratasiewicz, OUAI’s Head of Education.

“We wanted to tick a few boxes, we wanted to create a formula which works for all hair types without depositing colour making it easy for everyone to use.”

“The formula also needed to provide instant shine as well as treat damage. And of course, we also wanted to bring our iconic scent, ‘North Bondi’, into the shower for the first time with this gloss.”

How long does a gloss last on hair?

The hair gloss treatments you can get in a salon are not the same as home treatments. Salon glosses will generally have more powerful ingredients that can only be used in the hands of a professional. Because of this, gloss treatments in a salon can last anywhere from four to six weeks.

However, a home gloss can still give powerful results with most treatments lasting anywhere from one to four weeks. 

“The OUAI HAIR GLOSS lasts three washes. Keep an eye on your wash schedule and on your fourth wash after the initial gloss application you can apply again,” Diana explains.

Here’s some of our favourite picks to starting glossing your hair from home.


OUAI Hair Gloss

$62 at Sephora

OUAI is the cult haircare brand loved by hairdressers, haircare enthusiasts and those who love some luxurious R&R in the shower. OUAI has now brought out their own hair gloss that can be done from home. Shop it below.


WELLA Color Fresh Mask

$36 at Sephora

The WELLA Colour Fresh Mask is both a temporary hair colour depositing mask AND a hair glossing treatment rolled into one. With eleven shades to pick from you can boost your current hair colour, or experiment with a tinted shade.


Drybar Liquid Glass Instant Glossing Rinse

$52 at Oz Hair and Beauty

The Drybar Liquid Glass Instant Glossing Rinse will instantly transform your hair into a glossy, sleek mane in the blink of an eye.


O&M CLEAN.tone

$52 at Oz Hair and Beauty

Aussie haircare brand O&M’s CLEAN.tone can deposit a much-needed burst of colour and a glossy treatment when you’re in-between salon touchups.

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