All the hair trends you can expect to see in 2024

Plus the unexpected vintage trend making a comeback.
hair trends 2024

There’s no better excuse for a hair makeover than the beginning of a new year. According to hair experts, unlike previous years, 2024 hair trends are all about natural and low-maintenance styling and colouring.  

Here’s your guide to what hair trends you can expect to see this year. 

Natural colours

Whilst for years platinum blondes and intricate highlights have dominated hair colouring, according to hair expert and salon owner of Natural Image Hair Arrianne Kia says that 2024 is all about natural colours.

“You can expect to see a lot of natural colours and roots with less of a regrowth look this year – things that are quite low maintenance,” Arrianne tells The Weekly.

hair trends 2024

Extreme layers

Layers are also predicted to make a comeback this year. Whilst in previous years, we saw trends lean towards blunt cuts that focus on sleekness rather than volume, 2024 will definitely see a rise in layered styles.

“Extreme layers with tonnes of body and volume will be very on trend this year,” Arrianne explains. “There’s still a focus on low-maintenance but with cuts focusing on lots of body and volume.”

Vintage bombshell hairdos 

Speaking of volume, it seems that big, voluminous bombshell hairdos will be all the rage when it comes to styling in 2024. Whether it’s using hot rollers, a big barrel curler or a Dyson AirWrap, the hairstyles of bombshells like Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot will be inescapable this year. 

hair trends 2024

Side swept bangs

After years of the internet insisting that hair parted directly down the middle is the most trendy look to have, it appears that side bangs might make a comeback in 2024. 

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the soon-to-be-trendy side bangs are not like the ones we had in our MySpace profile pictures, but instead will be more inspired by the hairdos of the Hollywood golden era.

Taylor Swift is one celeb who, in recent weeks, has ditched her signature front bangs and has instead begun swooping them to the side for an ultra-glamorous look.

The Pamela Anderson Updo

The Pamela Anderson ‘90s updo is going to be the low-effort but super dazzling hairdo of the year. Whilst Pam has admitted that she often used a stray pair of underwear to tie up her iconic ‘do, there are hundreds of tutorials popping up all over TikTok and YouTube recently, detailing how to replicate this particular hairstyle.

Ribbons galore

The coquette trend has seen people putting bows on everything from shirt sleeves to bag handles, but as for hair, ribbons will be inescapable in styling this year. 

Whilst one could argue that hair ribbons are timeless, they’ll be particularly trendy in 2024. 

‘80s-inspired ‘dos and tools

Whilst we’re not seeing the return of perms and feathered bangs (yet), ‘80s inspired hair dos and tools will certainly make a comeback in 2024. 

Two of the biggest revivals from the ‘80s will be banana clips and side combs, both of which are currently being rediscovered over on HairTok. 

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