Jennifer Aniston just revived the ‘Rachel’ in 2024

Proving she's a perpetual hair trend-setter.

Jennifer Aniston has always been a hair trend setter. Now her latest cut is already making waves just mere weeks into 2024. Wearing her signature Little Black Dress, Jennifer had us speed-dialling our hairdressers when she stepped out with a dreamy lob for the People’s Choice Awards.

Sitting just above her collarbones, The Morning Show actress’ wispy shoulder-length lob is the perfect modern iteration of her iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut from the ‘90s. But less choppy and more whimsical.

The ‘Rachel’ was the eponymous name given to the shaggy and choppy layered hair cut Jennifer donned in the first two seasons of Friends. The iconic ‘do was created by Jen’s long-time hair stylist Chris Macmillan. 

“It’s never honestly been a big deal to me,” Jennifer said of the famous cut back in 2013. “It’s a big deal because of Chris McMillan. And a haircut I think a lot of people, a lot of gals, kind of thought was fun.”

Jennifer still works with Chris to this day.Even though she told People in 2022 that the hairdo was “the bane of my existence because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look.”

When Jennifer walked into Chris’ hair salon shortly before filming the pilot of Friends, her hair was long and frizzy. Chris convinced her to cut off the badly damaged excess in favour of a sleek and chic bob.

Pulling inspiration from surfer shag cuts, Beri Smither’s bob and Amber Valletta’s blowout, Chris created the choppy, face framing cut.

Jennifer Aniston 2024

“The truth is, I didn’t invent the haircut for Rachel Green. I was just able to convince my client and friend Jen to add some layers and try something different,” Chris recalled in an interview with Allure. And, he added, he actually gave Cameron Diaz the iconic ‘do first.

However, when Jennifer Aniston appeared on screens in that haircut, it became one of the most famous and popular celebrity hair styles since Farrah Fawcett’s voluminous blowout. 

Following the Friends reunion in 2021, the ‘Rachel’ enjoyed its first proper resurgence since it first graced our screens back in 1994. Beauty retailer Just My Look told British Vogue in 2022 that demand for the ‘Rachel’ exploded by almost 180 per cent.

Jennifer has a love-hate relationship with the cut. But thanks to her Golden Globes appearance, a whole new generation received hairspo for a modernised version of the ‘Rachel’.

In 2024 not only will we see a resurgence in ‘90s hair trends, but layers will be return too.

“Extreme layers with tonnes of body and volume will be very on trend this year,” Principal hair stylist and owner of Natural Image Hair, Arrianne Kia explains to The Weekly. “There’s still a focus on low-maintenance but with cuts focusing on lots of body and volume.”

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