How to use a gua sha to transform your face

It will be a part of your skincare routine in no time.

Gua sha is an alternative chinese healing therapy that involves massaging the skin with a smooth edged tool.

This technique is believed to have incredible benefits such as lymphatic drainage, as well as improving circulation and muscle tension.

Incorporating 3-5 minutes of gua sha to your skin care routine can also allow the products used to properly absorb into the skin, rather that sitting on the surface.

What tools are used for gua sha?

The tool used for gua sha is named after the technique itself. Theycome in a variety of shapes to target an individuals particular area of concern. Many are made out of precious stones, which some believe to hold certain energy and balancing properties.

How to use a gua sha

It’s best that your face has been treated with oil or serum first, to ensure the tool is not pulling at the skin, but gliding across it.

You should only require a light pressure, with a focus on the areas of your face and neck that require attention. There are many techniques out there, and the shape of your tool will determine which of them you follow.

Continue reading to discover which tools may work best for you.


Mount Lai Stainless Steel


This professional-grade gua sha is perfect for all skin types. It promotes lifting and smoothing, as it addresses skin elasticity and leaves your skin feeling radiant.

how to use a gua sha


Salt by Hendrix Sunrise Jade


Promote blood flow and calmer skin with this jade gua sha. Its unique design aids in the absorption of the products you use, and allows maximum versatility for every nook and cranny.

how to use a gua sha


Manicare dermaSCULPT Stone


This natural stone gua sha relieves muscle tension in the neck and jaw areas. Its tooth like edges plump out fine lines, and the pointed tip is able to relieve tension through acupressure points.

how to use a gua sha


The Seeke Tigers Eye


Made from Tigers Eye stone, this U-shaped gua sha is perfect for those looking to reduce fine lines and smooth out any noticeable skin texture.

how to use a gua sha


PMD beauty RQ


Consisting of elements such as iron and magnesium, this rose quartz gua sha reduces tension and inflammation while its unique edges ensure the most customisable experience. The silicone finger grip allows for more control and a comfortable hold.

how to use a gua sha


Mount Lai The Vitality Qi


The unique W-shape of this white jade gua sha allows for a unique massage that targets not only the face but also the neckline and jaw. The V-edge reduces tension, and the unique comb design works though knots and adhesions.

how to use a gua sha


Skin Gym Stainless Steel Body Tool


While gua sha is fantastic for the drainage of your face and neck, a full body massage using this larger version of the tool can be even better. The curved design hugs the body, allowing for a sculpting and detoxifying experience all over.

how to use a gua sha


Aceology Mermaid


The Mermaid encourages circulation with one end designed to fit the curves of your natural facial structure, and the other to target the more sensitive eye area with a massage ball. Made from zinc alloy, it will give off a lasting cooling sensation if kept in the refrigerator.

how to use a gua sha

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