EXCLUSIVE: Trinny Woodall reveals one product can “take 10 years off your face” and her two-minute smoky eye

''I don't like to talk about things that make you look older or younger, but this is a one area where I do.''
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Trinny Woodall is vibrant as ever, in all sense of the term, when she answers our Zoom call from her London home. Frankly, we’d expect nothing less from the makeup queen.

Looking radiant as always and bubbling with excitement, we immediately begin discussing our obsession with her BFF De-Stress Serum and how lockdown has changed our approach to makeup – for us, it’s a move away from heavy foundations.

“It’s like my mission, my mission in life is to get women and teenage girls growing up to love the skin you’re in,” Trinny tells The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I think the one good thing of lock down, because we’re sort of on the other side of it is as you come out you think, do I need to do that much [makeup]? It begins to be all heavy.”

There’s been a slow moving away from the heavily contoured look championed by the likes of the Kardashians to more natural and clean makeup in recent years, and much to Trinny’s delight, she has seen it reflected in her own daughter, Lyla.

“They’re all obsessed at her school, they all nick her makeup because the love that [natural look]. Women five or 10 years older than that age group grew up with that kind of contour, a lot of base, so it’s exciting to be on a mission to know less is more.”

With the minimalist approach to makeup on the rise, Trinny has created the perfect (literally, four-years-in-the-making kind of perfect) two-in-one Lash2Brow wand.

“Everyone has different things they want from a mascara, we’re not going to be one size fits all, but I took all the info from all different types of people from Lyla who’s 18 to myself.

“I wanted something that was really crease proof, smudge proof, drop proof, there’s an area in the brush that gives volume and an area that give the length.”

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Lash2Brow is pure perfection, four years in the making.

(Credit: (Now To Love))

As for the brow component, Trinny considered it the key to looking younger.

“I think the education on brows is very generational, for an over-plucker, you can do a brow and take 10 years off your face.

“I don’t like to talk about things that make you look older or younger, but this is a one area where I do cause I’m so wanting women to understand it.”

As a result, she created a small brush to suit all brow types and revealed her trick to nailing the application: “When I do my brow, I go backwards first because I want to coat every hair with the product.”

The secret is back-brushing.

(Credit: (Now To Love))

While we are adopting a pared back approach to beauty in the post-pandemic world, we’re not nixing makeup altogether. Finally emerging from strict lockdowns, we had to get Trinny’s tips for going-out looks that find a happy medium.

“I do a bright lip during the day and I do a smoky eye at night. People shouldn’t be scared to me of a bright lip because you can always change it your mouth, it would take me two seconds.

“At night for a smoky eye I take a bit of Eye2Eye in Magician, blend it back and forth with my finger, in the middle add a little pretty Eye2Eye in Dawn, then I’ll probably do a very neutral lip, like Lip Glow in Bella, and put the rest on my cheeks.”

WATCH the clip, below.

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